Sex and Disability Tips from Jennifer Sierra

It no secret that we LOVE to talk about sex and disabilities here at Liberare. Lets face it, whether its sex or self pleasure everyone does or thinks about it. We spoke to the beautiful Jennifer Sierra on her sex life and the stigmas around sex.

Sex and Disability Tips from Jennifer Sierra

Meet Jennifer

My name is Jennifer Sierra. I am 34 years old. I am from Miami, FL. I am cuban American. I have SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) TYPE 2, my disability has never stopped me from living my life to the fullest.

We asked Jennifer about the stigma around disability and sex and why it should be talked about more.

There's a lot of taboos about disability and sex. We are either seen as a fetish or a disgust to some. We should be normalizing talking openly to educate those who think we can't have a normal sex life.

Sex positions are the biggest question to a lot of people it's always the same question... but how? We are often judged based on appearance and not all disabled people have the same necessity, so I think it's time to make it clear that sex IS different for everyone in general. Not just for the disabled community.

An image of Jennifer resting her head on her hand. She is wearing red lingerie and red lipstick. Her blond hair is down and straight

A topic we talk a lot at Liberare is feeling comfortable and exploring what you like sexually. For those with limited hand dexterity, self pleasure can often be difficult to do.

I believe toys and self pleasure is needed first in order to know what you like. Personally I'm a touchy person. I love to explore with my hands and not so much with toys as my hand movements are limited. For those with limited hand dexterity, anything small and light weight will work. I have a preferred company called pure romance and they have a small discreet clit vibrator.

Self pleasure is nothing to be ashamed about, once you know what works best for you and makes you feel amazing, then you can communicate it into your sex life.

Any position that your partner has control over and you feel safe in works best. For example I like being on my right side laying down or facing up on the edge of the bed. Obviously again all positions are not right for every disabled person, and that's why I believe that communication is the key when it comes to intimacy with your partner.

And there's nothing wrong with spicing it up a bit!

The same as with my partners, I tell them exactly how I like things and I'll even give him ideas on how and to spice things up. We can watch porn together or I'll even Google an image for reference on how I want it. I really have no boundaries in bed. I enjoy taking provocative pictures but not showing too much and sending them to my partners randomly during the day. It's a great way to built that sexual tension.

Do you have any tips for babes that are looking for a fling or for those who are looking to spice up their relationship?

Advice I can give to babes looking for a fling or to meet anyone is to go out and meet new people. I'm very big on pro dating apps as it's an easy way to meet someone to chat and who knows where things can lead!