5 Disability Influencers to Follow that You Haven't Already

There is nothing like an honest and authentic influencer on social media to cut us a break from all the insincere noise on social media. What’s better? When we can actually relate to them. We’ve outlined 6 of our favorite Instagram influencers, who are candid with their stories of pain, healing, and everyday life as disabled women. 

Alyssa Higgins


Alyssa shows a peek into her magical romance and everyday life through a beautifully curated feed. Here posts are nothing short of aesthetically awesome! (You can buy her editing preset on Etsy for 5 dollars) Alyssa’s cute selfies and mixed in with romantic shots of her and her husband. We are obsessed with her gorgeous wedding pics and her royally funny pun of an Instagram handle.

Natasha Lipman


Natasha’ instagram started off as a way to document her chronic illness healing process through food. When she realized that this process wasn’t working for her, she switched over to fashion blogging and journalism. Natasha’s vintage styled photographs are amazing but even more power lies in her eloquent captions. She is thoughtful in describing her journey and worth reading every caption! She also has a wonderful collab with @thisthingtheycallreovery where she posts quotes about life with a chronic illness. Overall, Nastaha’s classic fashion photos, articulate and powerful caption, and truthful quote illustrations are 100 percent worth the follow. Also, she’s a part-time BBC journalist! How cool is that?

Marsha Elle


Marsha Elle’s musical talent is INCREDIBLE! If you haven’t already downloaded her song “I am Beautiful,” go do that right now! It’s our anthem for getting ready every morning and should be yours too. We love being blessed with behind the scenes dancing videos and first peaks and her music videos. 



Fahema is extremely open about her chronic illness, showing us genuine photos of her life. Sometimes this means her photos are taken in hospitals post operation and other times she posts the cutest selfies with her and her husband. She also is open about living with bipolar disorder and posts meaningful quotes about bipolar disorder and chronic illness as a Muslim woman. We are thoroughly obsessed with her unreal makeup talent and would LOVE if she could do our makeup every morning!

Paula Carozzo


Paula’s colorful Instagram feed is anything but dull! Her Miami flavored dresses are too die for and every image belongs in a magazine. Paula lives with Cerebral Palsy and uses a cane sometimes. She tackles intense subjects in her Instagram captions, such as stigma around her handicap parking and other matters of accessibility.