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The Everyday Bikini in Blush (Side-Opening Underwear with Magnets)

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The Everyday Bikini is built to minimize pain when getting dressed and while wearing.

Everyday Bikini Adaptive Features:

  • Side-opening panties so you never have to lift a leg or fuss putting on panties. Simply thread beneath you and fasten on either side. These panties are designed to be put on while seated!
  • Safe and secure all day with our adjustable, fabric-covered magnetic closures at both hips. Gentle magnetic pull helps guide pieces in place to interlock for no-fuss, secure dressing.

  • Grip loops so you never have to worry about pinching the underwear shut. Just slide a finger through.  





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93% Polyester, 7% Elastane, 100% Cotton Liner, exclusive of trim.

Magnet Warning: Magnets are sewn into this garment and under some circumstances could lead to DEATH or SERIOUS INJURY. Please consult with your doctor before wearing. May interfere with implanted medical devices.

For best results, hand wash with detergent. Otherwise, use a cold delicate/gentle cycle on your washing machine, in a garment bag.
Hang dry only.

No bleach, no iron

Get Dressed While Seated!

Or laying down! Or standing! Our side-opening underwear was designed specifically for you to get dressed in your most comfortable position. In fact, you don’t even have to bend over to pull them up. Putting on underwear has never been easier.

Go Ahead. Have That Dance Party.

Your underwear will securely stay on! Made with magnets on the hips with two settings, you can adjust the tightness to fit your body at any point during the day. Each adjustable magnet holds up to 8kg, so you’re free to move about to your favorite song.

Grip Loops for Easier Dressing

Having a difficult time with limited hand dexterity? With our grip loops, just slide a finger (or a digit on a prosthetic arm) and you can easily fasten your underwear.