3 Game-Changing Reasons to Shop Adaptive Apparel Today

Let’s talk about adaptive apparel and sensory-friendly clothing. Adaptive apparel has been around for decades but is only now starting to make its mark., and we are here for the new shift in the market (*hand clapping emoji here*). We love that people are **finally** excited about adaptive clothing! For so long it was constantly overlooked and often disregarded in the fashion industry. But, now, the landscape is changing.

Adaptive apparel and sensory-friendly clothing aren’t only for disabled people. Anyone can wear it! Here are 3 reasons why you should switch to adaptive apparel today.

Adaptive apparel has specific features designed to make getting dressed easier for everyone.

Life is already difficult, non-disabled or not, but adaptive apparel is designed to make your life easier? At Liberare we offer features like front-opening magnets, side-opening Velcro, and grip loops just to name a few. While front-opening bras have been used in the past, they’re better designed and more inclusive-friendly when they’re made for people with disabilities. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for functionality, but we’ll let you see for yourself.

Adaptive apparel is incredibly sensory-friendly.

There are a lot of people who have sensitivities to materials that touch their skin, i.e. fabrics, clasps, tags, and seams. There is a lot of clothing that can irritate someone with sensitive skin or be uncomfortable for a wheelchair user who has to sit all day. Seamless options are actually super disabled-friendly for that reason, so if you’re using seamless clothing, you’re already a step ahead!

Adaptive apparel is an inclusive movement.

Everyone out there is fighting some sort of inclusivity battle right now, and we don’t want disabled people to fall to the wayside. After all, we are sadly one of the largest overlooked minorities in this nation. Normalizing adaptive apparel for not only disabled people but all people means that the fashion industry is taking steps toward destigmatizing disabilities. Clothing is a basic human need, and that shouldn’t be an exception for disabled people.

Now that the groundwork for adaptive apparel has been laid, it’s our job to take it to the next level. By normalizing adaptive apparel, we are normalizing disabled bodies alongside non-disabled folks, and that’s huge for the fashion industry. Liberare was created to fill the gap and revolutionize the way the fashion industry handles adaptive apparel, but that can only happen if everyone chips in and does their part. Let’s start changing the conversation around adaptive apparel and shift it towards inclusivity.


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