Our Why

It's simple. Everyone deserves to get dressed easily & feel their best. When we say everyone, we mean everyone...

We believe that to truly feel empowered we need functional clothing we can easily get on but also is elegant.

Meet Our Founder, Emma!

When Emma's mom began to live with chronic pain when she was 12, Emma noticed how difficult it became for her mom to get dressed. Pesky hook-and-eyes and old fashioned bras were annoying and painful.

Emma wanted to create a solution that was going to be easy to put on, but also beautiful.

It was the 21st century and bras were being made the same way since 1902.

When Emma studied at Brown University, she also met new friends with chronic illnesses and other disabilities who have the same challenges getting dressed.

After over 4 years of researching and testing, Emma and her team finally launched Liberare.

Meet The Team