Our Why

It's simple. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. When we say everyone, we mean everyone... including us, people with disabilities.

We believe that to truly empower disabled individuals like ourselves we need functional clothing we can easily get on but also is elegant.

Who We Are

At Liberare, we believe everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in clothing that supports our diverse bodies. Since traditional bras and underwear can be difficult for many women to put on, we set out to create a line of intimates that’s both fashionable and functional. 

​From your body to the clothes you wear, we're here to help you feel liberated in garments that meet their needs, empowered in the skin they’re in, and included in the fashion industry.

Meet Our Founder, Emma!

Emma became aware of adaptive apparel through her mom who was diagnosed with a chronic illness when Emma was 12. She saw how her mom changed after her diagnosis and the effects of chronic pain.

When Emma studied at Brown University, she also met new friends with chronic illnesses and other disabilities and decided to do more research on how disabilities and chronic pain affect how women get dressed. This aligned her love for apparel design and her devotion to her mother and others going through the same life challenges.

​Any given day you can find Emma drawing and painting, learning how to cook something other than her famous mac & cheese, or reading a mystery novel.

Meet The Team