up close image of the everyday easy-on bra fasteners.

Patent-Pending Technology

How It Works

The comfort you want, with the easy, front closure you need.


New Easy-On Innovation

Are they snaps or are they buttons? Neither actually. The fasteners have an interlocking mechanism with magnetization that easily glides our bras shut but locks together for security.

Hook-and-eye bras were invented in 1902. It's time for a much-needed upgrade.

Our Technology

100% secure all day without feeling a thing. Our bras are patent-pending.

The Most Rigorous Testing



These fasteners have been tested on hundreds of women, ranging from A cups to H cups. Testing strength, comfortability, and making sure they are 100% secure.


Women Co-Designed

We designed this bra for women with limited hand dexterity. Our team knows best: Gemma lives with one hand and Emma is a quadriplegic. We also turned to our community of 500 women who live with disabilities, arthritis, post-surgery, and more to consult on the bras.


OTs & Non-Profits

We worked with hand therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, leading non-profits who specialize in working with people with limited hand dexterity to make sure this bra was perfect.

Over 4+ Years of Development

Liberare's founder conducted Ivy League research starting in 2018 and teamed up with a Maddie, an expert bra designer in NYC with over 10+ years of bra design.

Don't Believe Us? Read the Reviews.

FAQS About Our Innovation

This closure holds 90 pounds. Try for yourself with our 60-day money-back guarantee.

You are safe and secure all day.

Like a normal bra! Our fasteners are coated in an extra-soft microfiber so you can't feel anything.

We always suggest consulting your doctor before wearing our bras with magnets in them.

Our Wrap Bralette has no magnets.

Yes! The grip loops and fasteners are invisible.

For all other FAQs about sizing, bra care, shipping, returns and exchanged, see our full FAQ page.