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Buttons, Zippers, Hooks and Eyes are Fasteners of the Past.

Real talk: We can send a man to the moon but we still have to fiddle with zippers and buttons?

Liberare has worked on the newest fastening technology to replace the ancient buttons and zippers so apparel can truly be accessible. The days of struggling to button your shirt, hook your bra, and zip up your pants are now in the past...

  • Our Front Snaps

    • Super lightweight

    • Machine washable

    • Rust-resistant

    • Patented 3-way locking system with magnetization for extra security while easy to take off

    • Super strong, holds up to 8kg per Magnet

  • Our Grip Loops

    • On all undies and bras

    • Self-fabric grip loops

    • Tested by various women for length and placement for intuitive dressing

  • Our Side-Opening Undies

    • Perfect for wheelchair users or anyone who is tired of bending over to get dressed.

    • Stay seated without lifting a leg and fasten on either side.

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Ethical Production & Sustainability Practices

At Liberare, it’s important to us that our garments do good as well as feel good. Here’s how we’re working towards our sustainability & ethical efforts:

Ethical Manufacturing: 

We work with ethical manufacturers from across the globe to give you well-made, high quality garments. Our sleepwear manufacturer employs women displaced from society by domestic abuse or for choosing to have babies outside of a culturally acceptable relationship, offering educational programs as well as skilled job training. Our bra and underwear partner is a small-batch manufacturer founded by an all-female immigrant team, committed to making the fashion industry more transparent.

OKEO-TEX & ISO 9001 Certified

Our hardware is ISO 9001 certified, produced according to the guidelines of OEKO-TEX and is tested for the protection of consumers according to the REACH regulation.

Sustainable Packaging & Practices

We hope you’ll reuse the satin bags our items are currently packaged in, however we’re in the process of transitioning to eco-friendly polybags in addition to more eco-friendly shipping packaging. We produce intentional smaller quantities and sell through the demand before restocking in order to minimize fabric waste and shipping emissions.