3 Lessons You Learn as a Limb Different Woman Moving into Adulthood

As Disability Pride Month shines a vibrant spotlight on the triumphs and journeys of disabled people, we have partnered up The Lucky Fin Project to embrace and amplify the confidence of limb different women.

Lucky Fin is an organization that provides education about limb differences but is also a support network for parents across the U.S. and around the world with children with limb differences and provides links to medical information and resources.

We come together to foster body confidence, raise awareness, and celebrate limb different women. Throughout this empowering initiative, we have explored the three fundamental lessons that shape the lives of limb different women as they navigate the transformative journey into adulthood. From resilience and self-acceptance to challenging societal norms, let us embark on a voyage of discovery, unity, and empowerment during this momentous month of celebration and reflection.

Gemma Adby, Liberare’s Visual Brand Director who lives with a limb difference, dives into 3 things you learn as a limb different woman in adulthood.

A limb different woman fastening the Liberare bra

Confidence: Confidence is something you practice and develop overnight.

As a limb different woman transitioning into adulthood, you come to realize that confidence is not something that magically appears; it is a skill that you cultivate and grow over time. Embracing your uniqueness and accepting yourself as you are becomes a journey of self-discovery. You learn that confidence is not about conforming to societal standards or trying to fit in; it's about recognizing your own worth, celebrating your abilities, and owning your individuality. It's an ongoing practice that requires self-love, resilience, and belief in your own capabilities.

“Ever since my early 20s, I've been on this incredible journey of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-discovery. It's like I'm constantly evolving, growing, and experiencing new things. And let me tell you, navigating life with a disability can be tough, especially when we hardly see ourselves represented in the media. People often don't realize the profound impact it has on all of us, both disabled and non-disabled folks. When you don't see people like you on TV, in movies, or even winning prestigious awards, it can make you feel like you're somehow excluded from the world. But hey, I've got to give credit to social media, even though I don't fully agree with it. It's giving the next generation a chance to have a voice and see themselves represented. Sure, there's still work to be done, but progress is happening, and that's important. Having representation plays a huge role in fostering self-awareness and self-acceptance. It's been a liberating journey for me, breaking free from years of self-doubt, and I'm genuinely proud of where I am today.” -Gemma Adby

Sisterhood: Finding your group of limb different women who understand and support you is crucial.

In your pursuit of self-acceptance and personal growth, you discover the incredible power of sisterhood. Connecting with other limb different women who have experienced similar challenges and triumphs becomes an invaluable source of support and understanding. Lucky Fin has built an incredible community of limb different people, parents, families that can all understand and come together. Its an incredible feeling when people can come together with you on your journey but also inspire and uplift you with their stories of resilience and success.

gif of limb different women wearing a front closing Liberare bra

 Building a network of individuals who truly "get" you, without judgment or prejudice, creates a safe space where you can freely share your experiences, fears, and aspirations. The bond formed through a community strengthens you individually and as a collective force, reminding you that you are never alone in your struggles but are also there throughout life.

Say Yes to Adaptive Fashion: Your life becomes 10x easier with adaptive and beautiful products.

One significant aspect of your journey as a limb different woman is finding adaptive fashion that not only meets your functional needs but also allows you to express your style and personality.

Discovering products specifically designed for limb different individuals makes your life significantly easier. Adaptive fashion is changing immensely, and companies like Liberare put adaptive at the forefront of their mind to create bras with limb different women in mind.


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These adaptive and beautiful bras not only simplify the process of getting dressed but also empower you to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Adaptive fashion opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to embrace your unique body and celebrate your individuality without compromising on style.

“Growing up, I was surrounded by adaptive household and school items, especially during my formative years from 0 to 11. Whether it was prosthetic arms or adaptive scissors for class, these tools were always there to assist me. However, as I entered my teenage years, something changed. Maybe it was the idea that using adaptive tools wasn't considered "cool" due to the societal stigma surrounding disability, or perhaps it was my stubborn desire for independence. Whatever the reason, I decided to forego using them and learned to adapt in other ways. Looking back now, I realize that this decision caused me years of unnecessary pain, both mentally and physically. I pushed myself to use non-adaptive tools when the adaptive options were right in front of me. Thankfully, the adaptive market has evolved, and I'm thrilled to see that disabled individuals finally have access to products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Time is precious, and that's why I appreciate simpler options and accessible products in general. They are designed to benefit everyone. Even seemingly simple tasks like putting on a bra can be challenging for some, including myself. What used to take seconds can turn into minutes of frustration. That's why when there's an easy option that caters to my needs, I will always choose it.” -Gemma Adby

In conclusion, your journey as a limb different woman transitioning into adulthood teaches you valuable lessons. Confidence is not an overnight achievement but a continuous practice that requires self-acceptance and belief in your own abilities. Finding a supportive sisterhood of limb different women who understand and uplift you becomes essential for personal growth. Additionally, embracing adaptive fashion, such as the bras offered by Liberare, not only enhances your daily life but also empowers you to feel beautiful and confident.

As you navigate adulthood, these lessons serve as reminders of the strength and resilience that reside within you, regardless of your differences. Confidence is powerful and is a journey.  



Hear from our limb different community.

If you could go back in time and tell something to your younger self about confidence, what would it be?

Ashley Y: If I could go back in time and tell my younger self about confidence, I would tell them that nothing lasts forever. These feelings that you're feeling of insecurity, feelings of self doubt, those will not be something that you will carry on with you to adulthood. Self love and confidence is something that has to come from yourself, and I personally think that it actually develops through experience. So I wouldn't go back and change anything, but I think that I would tell my younger self that it's all going to be okay and confidence will come, but it will take some time and it will take some challenges.

Why are adaptive intimates companies important? Besides being functional, why does it matter as a limb different woman to have adaptive clothing

Anastasia K: It's not just because of functionality, it's also about confidence and representation. For me, like seeing that someone like me is represented in a very diverse and very intimate community with, you know, lingerie and underwear and all sorts of things. It's very empowering and it makes me feel inspired and feel more confident in my own skin. And underneath, you know, what I wear day to day.

Why do we need adaptive intimates?

Gemma A: I always thought that confidence is something that people are just naturally born with, but I've come to realise that it is more of a journey of self love. Representation is key and it's something that we all need. But what about if we went one step further and actually designed accessible and adaptive products that were made for disabled people? Don't ever underestimate adaptive fashion. I always felt like it was something that I never needed growing up because I could always find a way to do things. But it shouldn't be like that. I shouldn't have to find a way to do things. I should have products that are designed for me.