5 Disabled Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now

Disabled voices are finally coming into the spotlight gradually in 2021. For too long there has been no attention given to the disabled community and creators with disabilities have been pushed to the side. We want to support these amazing creators as much as we can, and one area that's been on the rise in the past few years has been podcasts. We've been listening to these podcasts constantly, so take a look and decide which of these podcasts you want to dive into!

1. Disability Visibility Podcast

This podcast by Alice Wong is a series of amazing conversations about disability politics, culture, and media. It's part of a greater project called the Disability Visibility Project, which is full of amazing resources for those with disabilities and those looking to educate themselves on disabled issues. The incredible part of this podcast is that the span of what it covers: from spotlighting disabled Afro-Latina artists to disabled dancers, there's an episode for everyone. Whether you're completely new to learning about the disabled community or looking to get more involved, this podcast is for you. You can stream it on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, and on their website here!

2. Disarming Disability

This podcast, hosted by Nicole Kelly and Sarah Tuberty, who's goal with this podcast is to 'to deconstruct the disability social construct by connecting the experts in the disability field'. The thing that makes listening to this podcast is so fun is that the two hosts have a long friendship that began with them attending the same summer camp for limb-different children. Their friendship adds a touch of personality to the show and their conversations with the experts are thrilling. You can find their podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and on their website here!

3. Disabled Girls Who Lift

If you're looking to be uplifted by an incredible group of disabled women that love to get a workout in, then this is definitely the podcast for you. On their website, they say that the purpose of their podcast is "reclaiming what's rightfully ours one podcast at a time. It's Marybeth, Chloe, & Marcia bringing you the thoughts and unpopular topics to get you out of the ableist comfort zone". They're not afraid of going into unexplored territory and do an amazing job at educating the public on their experience with disability. The range of topics they talk about is wide, but once in a while they always include an episode about exercise and weightlifting with a disability, which is an incredibly interesting topic to learn about. So if you're looking to get pumped and inspired, you can find this podcast on Spotify, Apple Music, and on their website here!

4. Disability After Dark

This show is hosted by disability awareness consultant Andrew Gurza, and it looks at disability stories. In the description of the show, it says "it's like sitting down with a really close friend to have real conversations about disability, sexuality, and everything else about the disability experience that we don't talk about; the things about being disabled we keep in the dark". This description says it all, Andrew Gurza dives into every uncomfortable topic that everyone is scared to discuss about being disabled. His honesty and frankness is refreshing, and anyone who wants to learn more about the disability experience should definitely take a listen. It can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and on Andrew Gurza's website here!

5. Disability Matters

This radio show is hosted by Joyce Bender, and every week she has expert guests in to talk about competitive employment and empowerment of people with disabilities. Now technically it's not actually a podcast, but really a radio talk show, but it's so good we just had to mention it. So between 2-3 PM EST every Tuesday, you can listen to Joyce's amazing conversations about disability here!

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