6 Things Women with Chronic Illnesses Should Try this October

Heating Pad

Whether you have EDS, or other types of chronic pain that need soft heated packs, these cute flannel Etsy heated packs are the way to go. Just put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and you’re set to go! Reuse as many times as you need!


 We don’t deserve to eat worse just because we can’t spend a few hours sauteeing, stirring, baking, and other things. Crockpots can make things easier by just chopping up a few veggies and some stock and leaving it on all day. 

Crockpots can be expensive so here are a few recommendations:

Here are our favorite October crockpot recipes:

Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie

Slow Cooker Beef Ragu with Pappardelle

Crock Pot Butterscotch Apple Scotch

A Fancy Spoon

Get a fancy spoon to stir your tea and remind you of the greater of the #spooniesisterhood and the fact that you are a warrior!

Here are some of our favorite fancy fall teas you can buy to stir with your new spoon.

Spoonie Care Package

This is an adorable toiletry set that is a very sweet care package you can buy for yourself! Look how cute that cotton bag is!

Elba Essential Bra in Blush 

Get cozy with the easy to put on, front opening, sensory friendly bra, the Elba Essential. Cozy up in this cute bra that you WON’T want to take off, with a warm cup of tea or glass of wine on your Friday night.

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