Why Adaptive Period Panties Are A Must-Have for Disabled Babes

We know that changing tampons and pads can sometimes be really difficult for disabled babes in our community. So much hand dexterity is required (especially for tampons!) and if you have a heavy flow, it means constantly going to the bathroom. But we know better than anyone else, that accessible toilets can be a nightmare to find.

So what’s a hack for our disabled babes to navigate periods? Adaptive period panties. And it’s sweeping the disability community.

A woman with crutches and is an amputee is wearing a black bra and underwear. The text reads Why Adaptive Period Panties Are A Must-Have for Disabled Babes


With the recent launch of our new ModiBodi period panties into Liberare, our community has been buzzing about how much easier it is to navigate periods.

But first, let's talk about periods (because, seriously, our bodies are superheroes) and feeling more comfortable at an uncomfortable time of the month is a powerful form of self-care.

Unfortunately, periods are inconvenient and messy for everyone. Like many of us, we have all been keen to try the revolutionary 'period underwear' since it became popular in the last few years. For starters, period panties are famous for their eco cred, affordability, and comfort. Most importantly, they give you confidence that you are supported and protected from leaks and ultimately allow for a stress-free bathroom experience. Not just for periods, they have a versatile function and can also be used for incontinence and bladder leaks.

Our period panties are different. But what exactly are the benefits of Liberare’s newest addition of period panties, and how do they adapt to disability?

Why do I need adaptive period panties?

These adaptive period panties have been designed to be functional for those with limited mobility and managing medical devices.

Let's not forget how difficult it can be for someone with a disability to use the toilet facilities daily. Let alone when there is a time limit to change your tampon or pad every 3-6 hours a day, every month for one week.

With these underwear’s side fastenings, you don't need to take your clothes off to change your underwear. It has been designed for stress-free and quick changes.

  • Limited Hand Dexterity Friendly: Easier on and off than tampons and pads. Tampons and pads can require so much hand dexterity not all of us disabled babes have).
  • Stay Seated and Keep Your Pants On: Side Opening mean you never have take off your pants or all your clothes. You also can stay seated while you put them on.
  • Less Trips to the Inaccessible Bathrooms: These period panties can hold up to 4 tampons worth.

For those with limited hand dexterity or amputees, changing sanitary pads or even tampons can be difficult. Designed with velcro side openings and elastic grip loops, all you do is put on the underwear and go! It eliminates the aggravation of taking off the packaging and placing sanitary products or tampons.

Not only that, they look fantastic and feel like a regular pair of underwear. Who said you still can't look and feel sexy on your period? There is nothing worse than the feeling of a bulky pad when you already feel so uncomfortable, and with our newest adaptive panties, this is no longer an issue.

How many times do I need to change my adaptive period panties?

This completely depends on your body and your 'flow'; however, we have two options to choose from.

  1. The Luxe Clasp Bikini: Moderate to heavy periods, heavy discharge, light to moderate bladder leaks. This can hold up to 10ml, equivalent to 2-3 tampons or 3 teaspoons.
  2. The Adaptive Boyleg: Heavy periods, heavy discharge, light to moderate bladder leaks or overnight. This can hold up to 20ml, equivalent to 3-4 tampons or 4 teaspoons.

Entirely dependent on your flow, you can wear period panties all day and change them at night. However, it's best to wear the panties that require the absorbency you need for that day. ModiBodi has designed their panties with three-layer patented technology to allow you to feel comfortable and clean.