Disability Pride Month Giveaway

Happy Disability Pride Month! We have some great news to celebrate our favorite month of the year with you. We are partnering with a few disabled and chronically ill creatives and business owners for the best giveaway we have done to date!

We’ve outlined more about our amazing partners below but, first, let’s talk about why we are doing this giveaway in the first place.

Disability Pride is the epitome of our mission at Liberare: to empower disabled people. One way Liberare empowers our community is through our functional and fashionable bras and underwear that we hope brings confidence. We know that a good adaptive bra and underwear can definitely boost confidence, but it’s not the end all be all to confidence.

We also firmly believe that empowering our community means lifting up other disabled creatives and amplifying their voices. This aspect of our brand might not be as tangible as our bras and underwear, but it’s just as core to our mission.

If you want to share what you’re doing with our community or be featured on our blog or Instagram, click this link here to submit an article!

The Giveaway Details

Step 1: Follow each account on Instagram.


Step 2: Like this post.

Step 3: Tag one friend in this post.


What You'll Win

-$50 gift card to Liberare
-“Brave soul” clutch
-Bundle of stickers, pins, and more
-Refresh candle & Soap
-Clay rainbow earrings

Giveaway closes on Tuesday, July 12, 2022 at 11:59 EST and winners will be announced at noon EST on Wednesday, July 13th.

Meet the Makers

Let’s get down to it! Who are these amazing disabled creatives we are partnering and what will you win if you are the winner of our giveaway?

Bria Block

Bria Block is a passionate illustrator and designer living in the Pacific Northwest. She works from home, surrounded by all her plant babies, with her service dog, Rowan. Bria’s passion and career are fueled by her battle with chronic illness & mental illness. The beginning of 2022 brought the exciting opening of Everbrave Co., a shop for women whose life requires constant bravery. Its purpose is to fill your life with tangible reminders of how resilient you are. New items are added to her shop each month!

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Laura Babiuk

Laura Babiuk (she/her) is a self-taught artist and small business owner from Rochester, NY. Working in many different mediums (fiber art, painting, ceramics, and digital art, to name a few.), her art is largely influenced by her experience as a disabled person and based on the strong belief that art is a powerful tool for change and  bringing people together. By sharing her experience as a queer disabled person online and in real life, she hopes to let others know they are not alone, all while adding lots of color and magic to the world as she goes.

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Anna Marie

Anna Marie started making her own 100% high-quality essential oil products because she could see how beneficial they are for treating symptoms of chronic illness, yet she couldn’t afford to buy existing products as they were all so expensive! Eventually, her new passion led her to studying to qualify as a holistic therapist and becoming an avid gardener with her own allotment where she grows her own flowers, vegetables & fruit. With O.P. her goal is to use her skills to make every day, holistic lifestyle products that are made with ingredients of the highest quality, made in small batches with care, sprinkled with love, and accessible to everyone!

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Megan DeJarnett

Megan DeJarnett is a disability advocate, a mother of two, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Megan is the founder and owner of No Such Thing Co, an inclusive brand that focuses on disability awareness, representation, and education. The mission of No Such Thing is to teach that differences make others unique and beautiful.

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