Disabled Bloggers You Should Follow: Invisible Illnesses

Here on the Liberare blog, we love making posts that are catered to our readers and amplifying disabled voices by allowing disabled women to tell their stories. However, as much as we love our blog, there is room for everyone to have a platform, and today we want to spotlight other disabled blogs that give us awesome thought-provoking experiences. In order to make a difference in the disabled community, we feel it's important to work together in order to encourage each other and push each other forward.

This is the third post of a three-part series! The first post featured wheelchair-focused blogs while the second one focused on blogs about the blind experience. Today, we shine the spotlight on those with invisible illnesses! So without further ado- here are our favorite disabled bloggers that you need to check out!

The Rest Room

When she's not podcasting or creating content for her many other platforms, Natasha Lipman has a blog where she discusses chronic illness and having an invisible disability. Too often those with invisible illnesses are overlooked in the disability community, so Natasha talks all about living with chronic illness and what it can feel like in the community at times.

Chronic Babe

Jenni is a young woman living with multiple chronic illnesses. She created Chronic Babe in hopes that she could help other women in a similar situation relate to someone and find comfort in her experiences. She tackles the stereotype that young women cannot be chronically ill and discusses how she continues to "rock" life even with an invisible disability.

The Princess in The Tower

The Princess in The Tower is written by a woman who suffers with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). She writes about tips and tricks to help manage chronic pain and handle the mental stress of having an invisible disability. However, it also covers many facets that anyone with a disability might be able to relate to. We highly recommend this blog to anyone trying to understand chronic pain better.

Chronically Strong

This blog is written by Shawn, and it's part of a greater website called Imagine Life Therapy. It offers support to anyone struggling with chronic illness or chronic pain, and it's all about understanding and being able to cope with chronic pain. This blog covers a wide range of topics such as lifestyle, diet, or chronic illnesses such as IBD.

A Chronic Voice

Sheryl has several different chronic illnesses and started her blog with the intention of making other chronically ill women feel less alone in their struggles. Chronic illness can be a journey to realize and have diagnosed, and this blog supports women through it all. No matter where you are with your chronic illness, Sheryl is always trying to provide advice and support.

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