Disabled Bloggers You Should Follow: Wheelchair Edition

Here on the Liberare blog we love making posts that are catered to our readers and amplifying disabled voices by allowing disabled women to tell their stories. However, as much as we love our blog, there is room for everyone to have a platform, and today we want to spotlight other disabled blogs that give us awesome thought-provoking experiences. In order to make a difference in the disabled community, we feel it's important to work together in order to encourage each other and push each other forward.

This blog is part of a series, and today is all about bloggers in wheelchairs. Stay tuned for next week when we'll be discussing blogs that focus on different disabilities.

Without further ado, here are our favorite disabled bloggers that you need to check out!


Gemma, a blogger originally from Norfolk, writes about everything wheelchair-related in this blog. She talks about funny subjects and things to make you laugh but also tackles the frustrations and obstacles that she faces. She's always going on crazy adventures, so a lot of her content focuses on accessible adventuring and the troubles of traveling as a disabled woman. If you're interested in some fun adventures or some lighthearted stories, make sure to check out Gemma's blog here!

The Squeaky Wheelchair

Kathleen Downes created The Squeaky Wheelchair based on her life riding around in her squeaky purple wheelchair. Kathleen discusses incredibly important topics related to being a wheelchair user but also just general topics relating to disability. She speaks about how to advocate for yourself in medical situations, how to deal with chronic pain, and even the hard-to-talk-about subjects such as inspiration porn. To learn more about what it's like to live as a disabled woman, check out her blog here.

Free Wheelin' - Life and Travel With a Disability

Karin Willison is a thrill seeker and an adventurer. Never in one place, Karin is always on the move and traveling the country on road trips. She also travels with her adorable service dog Aria and you can usually spot her in any of the pictures from Karin's travels. If you're interested in learning more about traveling in a wheelchair or accessibility, make sure to give Free Wheelin' a good read here!

My Life, Kerry's Way

Kerry Thompson never shies away from a topic when it comes to disability. Whether it's sex, accessibility, or the injustice of life, Kerry talks about it. It's so refreshing to hear such raw and honest stories and thoughts from her perspective and learn more about the challenges disabled people face on a daily basis through her.

Simply Emma

Emma is a UK-based disability and travel blogger. If you're planning a trip and need to know if the place you're visiting has accessible options, look no further! Emma has amazing recommendations as well as first-hand experience of so many different places. When you're able to travel again after the pandemic, use her guides as inspiration!

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