Introducing Liberare!

We, as a team, are so excited to finally make the official announcement that we’ve changed our company name from Intimately to Liberare (pronounced Lib-er-rare)!


liberare. To set free or liberate in Latin is written in black text on a mauve background


With this change, our mission will stay the same, and the quality and standard that you have seen from us will not waver. We will always be a fashion brand that makes adaptive clothing and amplifies disabled voices. We will always be a place where you can find community. We will always be a part of the inclusion revolution.

The name Liberare means “to set free” in Latin. We believe that feeling beautiful is a human right, and feeling beautiful in your own skin is incredibly freeing. Our products create more freedom in how you get dressed. And our mission is to liberate disabled people from the societal stigma that disabled individuals can’t be both simultaneously disabled *and* beautiful.

We believe that creating both stunning and functional clothing empowers disabled people around the world to feel free, powerful, and independent. After all, isn’t it freeing to feel beautiful and seen from a brand that actually puts disability at the forefront of every effort?

Moving forward, Liberare strives to achieve just that. This rebrand will not affect current or future orders, and the quality of our products will maintain a high standard. Be sure to follow us on social media for all the latest and greatest content!


With love,

The Liberare Team