The Inclusion Revolution

Liberare began with the mission of providing women with disabilities with the best adaptive bras, adaptive underwear, and just overall the best adaptive lingerie the market has to offer. For years, the disabled community has been denied clothing that fits their needs and wants. It's time for the fashion industry to catch up and merge with the growing adaptive apparel industry.

Although adaptive lingerie will always remain our mission and we're very excited for the new pieces that we have coming out very soon, we realized that YOU, our amazing community members, became so supportive of our mission and have followed us along every step of the way, and we wanted to find a way for you to be able to show your support for us. And particularly right now, we want to make it more of a priority to focus on inclusion always. This is why we've created the Inclusion Revolution collection.

The Inclusion Celebration Collection is a series of illustrations made to celebrate and empower those with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Sold as stickers and prints, we hope that these will also be a way for our community to show your unapologetic pride.

But before we show you the whole collection, you should meet the mastermind behind it all, our amazing team member Alyssa! Alyssa (@alyssaksilva) is Liberare's chief creative officer, as well as an incredibly successful graphic designer! As a lifelong wheelchair user, Alyssa has always used art as a way to express herself in spite of a disease that robs her of most of her physical abilities. She created each piece digitally using her iPhone and MacBook with the intention of creating a line where more disabled womxn feel represented in art and emboldened to live as their authentic selves.

So, what items are in the collection? There are 4 prints and 3 stickers that capture both visible and invisible disabilities/chronic illnesses, and messaging about inclusion and accessibility.

Take a look at our awesome prints below, all designed by Alyssa!

And of course, we can't forget about the amazing stickers!

The Inclusion Revolution collection is out NOW, so click here to take a look and support the Liberare mission!

And because we appreciate your support so much, we're giving you FREE SHIPPING on everything (with code FREESHIP)!!!