What Makes Me Feel Sexy

About the Author: Maddi Neibanck is a 2017 graduate of Georgetown University and author of  Fashion Fwd: How Today's Cultures Shapes Tomorrow Fashion. During her free time Maddi can be found perusing the latest edition of Vogue and mentoring fellow entrepreneurs as they strive to discover their greatest potentials. A week after her college graduation, Maddi suffered a massive brain hemorrhage that left her paralyzed on her left side. For the past year and a half, she's been working hard to (quite literally) get back on her feet and pursue her love for fashion. She wrote Fashion Fwd while undergoing intense physical, occupational, and cognitive therapy as a way to kickstart her new life of purpose. What makes you feel beautiful: A killer pair of heels! I'm not back to rocking my signature black thigh-high heeled boots yet, but trust me, that day will be here soon enough! These days, I'm loving my platform sneakers.What song makes you feel confident: Anything Sia! I love her album This is Acting.Whats color do you feel sexiest in: Black - I don't wear much color.When you have low self esteem, what do you do to help yourself realize how beautiful you are: I go for a walk and remind myself of how far I've come this past year. I learned how to walk and am learning how to pick up tiny objects with my left hand. When I reflect on where I was in May 2017 and where I am today (walking, learning to feed myself with my left hand again, a published author!) I realize that if I can get through this, there's nothing I can't do!! With a lot of hard work and the right focus, I can do anything!

Maddi after her injury. Love that this fashion author has herdays in sweatpants too!

More on Maddi's Book:

With fashion trends changing by the minute through social media and fast fashion brands, many wonder - What's next in the fashion world? Well, a whole lot.Fashion is no longer just about what people wear, but why they wear it.Fashion Fwd examines the cultural mega-trends influencing the future of fashion. From movements toward increased sustainability to satisfying the millennial demand for authentic retail experiences and brand value alignment, Fashion Fwd covers all the current trends impacting fashion's future. Learn how one major event changed this author's path and pushed her to discover more about fashion. See how her personal journey to recovery is reflected in her findings. Instead of wondering what's going to be tomorrow's hottest trend, stay two steps ahead with Fashion Fwd, which will expose you to the industry's major change agents.

Maddi's retro look with a muted color palette

is nothing but goals. And her book? We can't wait to read it!