10 Reasons to Switch to Bras that Snap in the Front (& Where to Buy)

You might be on the hunt for a front opening bra and looking at velcro options, hook and eye and snaps in the front. We're here to talk you through 10 reasons why front snapping bras are the best.

1. Ease of Use:


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Front opening bras are much easier to fasten than their hook and eye or velcro counterparts. No more fumbling with tiny hooks or struggling to get the velcro to stick – with a snap front bra, you just snap it closed and you're done. This is especially helpful for those with mobility issues or limited dexterity in their fingers. Hook and eyes can be so annoying and velcro can be scratchy on the skin if not done right.



2. Magnetized Snaps:


Some front opening bras come with magnetized snaps, which make them even easier to fasten. These bras have small magnets embedded in the snaps, which allow them to quickly and easily snap together without any fuss. This makes them the easiest bras to fasten, and a great choice for those who want a quick and hassle-free bra change. Anyone with limited hand dexterity should really opt for these. The key is to find snaps that have magnets embedded in them like the Liberare Bra. The magnets guide it together but ultimately the snaps keep it in place. This way even DD and up can wear the bra and not worry about it coming undone.


Easy front snap bra

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Pro Tip:  If you struggle with hand dexterity look for a bra that has grip loops (pictured above) so you don't have to pinch the bra shut


3. Comfort Like No Other:

Bras that snap in front are often more comfortable than hook and eye or velcro bras. This is because they typically have wider straps and a more supportive band, which helps distribute the weight of your breasts evenly across your back and shoulders. This can help reduce pressure points and prevent uncomfortable digging or pinching. Of course, not every bra will be comfortable just because it has front snaps. This list is the most comfortable front snapping bra.

4. Versatility:

Front opening bras come in a wide range of styles and designs, making them suitable for virtually any occasion. Whether you're looking for a sports bra, a balconette bra, or a plunge bra, you'll be able to find a front opening version that fits your needs. This versatility makes them a great choice for women who need a bra that can adapt to different outfits and activities.

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5. Easy to care for:

Hook and eye or velcro bras can be a pain to care for, as the hooks and fasteners can easily become tangled or damaged in the wash. Front opening bras, on the other hand, are much easier to care for – just toss them in the wash and they'll come out looking good as new.

6. Support:

Many front opening snap bras offer more support than hook and eye or velcro bras, thanks to the snaps going up the front.. This is especially important for women with larger breasts, who may need extra support to help prevent back and shoulder pain. Velcro can’t always withstand breasts DD and above and hooks can only pull the bra together in the front so much.

7. Longer lifespan:

Because front opening bras are easier to care for and don't have tiny hooks or fasteners that can easily become damaged, they often have a longer lifespan than hook and eye or velcro bras. This means you won't have to replace them as often, saving you money in the long run.


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8. Greater range of sizes:

Front opening bras are available in a wider range of sizes than hook and eye or velcro bras, making them a great choice for women who have a hard time finding bras that fit properly. Whether you have a small or large bust, you'll be able to find a front opening bra that fits your needs.


9. Better for the environment:

Hook and eye or velcro bras can be more damaging to the environment, as they require more resources to manufacture and often end up in landfills when they're no longer usable. Front opening bras, on the other hand, are more eco-friendly, as they're easier to care for and have a longer lifespan.


In conclusion, there are many reasons why you should switch from hook and eye or velcro bras to front opening bras that snap. Whether it's for comfort, ease of use, versatility, or simply because they're easier to care for, front opening bras