Tips for Successful Rotator Cuff Surgery Preparation

Preparing for rotator cuff surgery can be a mix of nerves and relief. Whether you're getting rid of persistent shoulder pain or aiming to move your shoulder better, some thoughtful planning before and after the procedure can make a big difference. These tips go beyond just recovery and offer practical advice on handling the challenges that come your way.

Before the Surgery:

  1. Talk to Your Doctor: Ease your worries by having a detailed chat with your doctor or surgeon. Ask about possible risks, what to expect, and how long it takes to bounce back. Understanding the journey ahead can get you in the right mindset before surgery.

  2. Dress Smart: Make your life easier after surgery by planning your wardrobe ahead. Pick loose clothes that you can put on from the front, as you won't be able to lift your arm much. Think about getting comfy, easy-on dressing options like front-closing bras or slip-on shoes for the weeks you'll be wearing a sling. Take a look at adaptive clothing options for the weeks after surgery and plan ahead.

    Adaptive clothing is designed to be easy to put on whether you're limited in mobility or you want to get dressed seated. Having these options ready is so important in the recovery process. Tommy Hilfiger has a great adaptive clothing line and Liberare offers great post surgery, easy-on bra options.

  3. Set Up Your Space: Get your home ready for limited movement. Put objects you use often within easy reach to avoid stretching. Grab some tools that make daily tasks easier. Setting things up beforehand means you won't have to bug others for help or rush to buy tools.

  4. Get Some Backup Admit that you might need some help, and that it’s ok! This is so important especially right after the surgery. Let friends or family know about the procedure and make a plan for someone to lend a hand when you need it. Having someone around to help with daily tasks or just keep you company during rest can be a huge relief. In the first days, you'll be very sore, so having an extra hand while you rest and recuperate is important.

    tips before shoulder surgeryAdaptive clothing options are a must 

After the Surgery:

  1. Rest Up. Recovery is all about getting enough rest. Make sleep a priority and find ways to sleep without putting too much pressure on your operated shoulder. A well-rested body heals better, making your recovery smoother.

  2. Dress Easy. It's important to carry on looking to invest in clothes designed for post-shoulder surgery recovery. Front-closing bras, elastic waistbands, and clothes with easy closures can make getting dressed a breeze, adding to your comfort during recovery.

  3. Do Your Therapy. Physical therapy is key to getting back on track. Stick to the exercises your medical team gives you—they're crucial for getting your shoulder moving again. Skipping out on these exercises could lead to long-term issues.

  4. Speak Up About Worries. Keep the conversation going with your healthcare team. If something doesn't feel right or you're worried about your recovery, share it with your surgeon and physical therapist. And don't forget to talk to your loved ones—they might be able to help with dressing or making your home more comfortable during your recovery.


Most importantly, always consult your doctor should any questions or concerns arise!

Post shoulder surgery tips

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