Our Favorite Spring Lingerie Trends

Here at Liberare, we like to talk lingerie. Even though we talk about all things disability-related on the blog, we can't help but bring it back to our favorite topic. As an adaptive lingerie company, we're always on the hunt to see the newest and cutest adaptive bras, adaptive underwear, and just general spring lingerie trends. After all, our colors do seem to fit the season pretty well. Recently we've been working on a very exciting project that might just include a few of these trends, so if any of these catch your eye, be on the lookout to see pieces that are catered to some very pretty spring ~vibes~. So without further ado, today we're talking about our very favorite lingerie trends that can be included in any staple pair of adaptive underwear or just adaptive lingerie in general.

As a disclaimer, we love all of these trends and just consider them to typically fit into the spring season, but all of these can be rocked all year long! Adaptive lingerie or any lingerie shouldn't have to be placed into a certain category. Pink lace is sexy all year long, we just love when our favorite trends make their way into the spotlight.

The first trend we want to talk about is pretty self explanatory, but we are completely obsessed with all of the spring color schemes. Of course, these usually include all of our favorite shades of pink and blush, and even ranging into some darker tones. Really anything pink, count us in. However, spring lingerie doesn't have to be just pink, but rather other gorgeous pastels like purple, yellow, or even green.

The second element that seems to come to light during the spring season is more delicate and natural lace incorporated into lingerie. Although lace is of course always in season particularly when it comes to lingerie, during spring it feels like there are more light flowery patterns and even recently some natural looking lace with more elements like leaves and branches. We're obsessed with the natural lace that comes into the picture in spring, and it feels like bringing the blooming to lingerie.

Another trend we love is lighter babydoll silhouettes. Moving away from adaptive bras or underwear, lingerie also includes beautiful slips and light dresses, and it seems like during spring these become more popular. Now that it's warmer and there's less of a nip in the air, it's comfortable to wear a light little babydoll slip. It's fun to add a little bit of playfulness to lingerie, and we're looking forward to seeing more adaptive lingerie and adaptive sleepwear for this purpose.

On the topic of more casual lingerie, we also love in the springtime when it becomes more possible to wear your lingerie as clothing. This has been a large trend for the past year, and it's hard to do when it's winter and going out in lingerie would pose a threat of hypothermia. In the spring when you can go outside and be greeted by warm fresh air it's fun to throw on a lingerie bodysuit or even a lace camisole and pull off a cute outfit with it. Again, hopefully we also get to see some more adaptive lingerie or sleepwear that can be used for this!

I think that's enough for our favorite fashion trends, we want to talk about yours! Tell us your favorite fashion trend. You can do this through commenting or visiting our Instagram @Liberare.co and sending us a message!

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