Why Everyone Should Switch to an Adaptive Bra

For anyone who has ever worn a bra, we know that bras were not designed to be our best friends.

Uncomfortable underwire, tiny J-hooks that require us to uncomfortably reach behind our back and blindly try to fasten, and straps that weigh heavily on our shoulders are incredibly annoying. It is no wonder that the feeling of taking off a bra at the end of the day is one of the best feelings in the world. But for some of us, especially those with larger breasts, bras are still a necessity. Whether we wear bras to keep our breasts from bouncing and causing pain or to achieve a certain style with our dresses and tops, we still find ourselves going back to the bra store and buying more. But it’s time for a change.

Adaptive bras are the next best thing. While every intimate line under the sun is trying to design the most comfortable and stylish bra, they’re all missing one main design element; inclusivity.

We’ve been designing bras at Liberare for women with disabilities, meaning anyone can get on our bras, whether you are a wheelchair user, amputee, or chronic illness warrior. We have gotten rid of the traditional J-hooks in the back and moved it to the front, replacing them with magnetic. This way, our bra-wearers can slip on bras the same way you would with a vest, and the magnets fasten the front without the need for extremely dexterous movements.

Recovering from shoulder surgery and can’t reach behind to hook your bra? A wheelchair user who doesn’t want the painful hook digging into their back from the pressure of the back of the chair? Only have one hand to clasp your bra? Liberare has the bras to solve your needs.

But our bras also allow for easy dressing for everyone: for the women who don’t want to hassle in the morning while getting dressed, athletes who need to change quickly out of their daytime work bra into their sports bra for practice, mothers who are breastfeeding and need quick and easy access to their breasts.

Beyond the element of function, we also realize the importance of style when it comes to undergarments. Our bras, underwears, and lingerie represent so much to us; our self-confidence, desirability, sexiness, power, and more. Everyone deserves to feel sexy and beautiful.

But the fashion industry has forgotten disabled voices for a long time. Liberare's goal is also to provide confidence to women with disabilities by representing a diverse group of women in photos of our garments. Our photoshoots include women of all types of abilities, ethnicities, and sizes.

By buying adaptive, you become a true intersectional ally while also wearing the latest technology in easy and comfortable dressing (but not sacrifice your style). So what do you have to do? Buy adaptive!