Adaptive Clothing 101 Part 2: Best Places to Shop Sensory-Friendly

Now that you know all the basics about the world of adaptive apparel from (Adaptive Clothing 101 Part I, of course), we’re going to dive into the category of Sensory Friendly Clothing, and introduce some wonderful companies that can provide it.

If you need a quick refresher on adaptive and sensory-friendly clothing, we've pu together a brief infographic below.


We'll dive into several notable sensory-friendly companies for both children and adults as well as some brands ou mind not have realized had products that actually sensory friendly.

Sensory-Friendly Companies for Adults

Here are a few companies that we love with either deliberately sensory-friendly, or that align perfectly with many of the criteria of uniquely sensitive individuals.  


Liberare creates adaptive bras & underwear that are easier to put on. Featured in Vogue, Forbes, and People Magazine, Liberare uses snaps and front opening products to help anyone in need of an easier bra get dressed.



While this brand is known for its easy-on adaptive bra, many of the products are sensory friendly. Their Liberare Bra and Slumber Sleepwear Set in rayon are perfect for folks looking for sensory friendly products. They are made tagless with an extra soft comfortable fabric. The bra is wireless and the snaps are encased with fabric to make it super soft, while still being easy to get on.


Front Closure Snap Bra adaptive in Black by Liberare


Shop the Liberare Bra (Front Closure, Snaps & Wireless) on


Bayou Blend Apparel

Not only does this online shop create bold and modern apparel and graphic tees (that are very trendy right now), but they’ve also created a brand driven by visibility, inclusivity, and awareness for the disabled community (and autism, in particular). With a focus like this, they’ve been careful to design their clothing with gentle fabrics, special inks, no tags, and conscious seams.



ExOfficio offers a range of sensory-friendly clothing for adults, including underwear, undershirts, and loungewear. Their products are made from soft and breathable fabrics and feature a tagless design for added comfort.

Sensory-friendly clothing for Kids



Primary is an exceptionally innovative sensory-friendly for  kids. The company uniquely uses an “OEKO-TEX” Standard 100 certified fabric, has been extensively tested to ensure that it retains a particularly suitable pH level for the skin. They offer a whole range for kids from swimwear to play clothes to basics. All is tagless and seamless.

Primary Sensory

Shop Primary at


The Children’s Place

This popular brand offers a selection of sensory-friendly clothing for kids, including soft, tagless tops and leggings made from breathable fabrics.


Carter’s offers a selection of sensory-friendly clothing for babies, toddlers, and kids, including soft and comfortable garments with minimal labels and seams.



Popular brands you didn't know had sensory-friendly lines

There are some popular companies that are increasingly understanding the importance of inclusivity, and are putting out clothes and styles that make a conscious effort to suit a greater variety of needs. 

    American Eagle

    This popular clothing retailer also has a line of very sensory-friendly jeans. For example, their Ne(X)t Level Stretch denim prioritizes comfort and durable stretch; not to mention, they’re super stylish. American Eagle boasts the branding of a well-respected clothing company, and an incredibly diverse jean selection to suit any variety of needs. Aerie also has a lot of seamless options for bras and panties to look into! 


    Under Armor

    This popular activewear brand also has something to offer for those with uniquely sensitive needs. They have a huge selection of seamless options that range from sports bras to tanks and long sleeves, which is incredibly important for ensuring that an active lifestyle is accessible and comfortable! 




    While Uniqlo does not have specific “sensory friendly” lines, it has many comfort and function oriented and exceptionally comfortable clothing. The fabrics used in a lot of their collections are often very soft, stretchy, and layerable (can be worn under less comfortable clothing!). For example, their AIRISM and HEATTECH collections are particularly tailored to be layerable, functional, and assist in comfort and thermoregulation, which may be priorities for those with particular sensitivities. A lot of the collection is also tag less and seamless. 


      Other companies that do not have specific sensory friendly collections but tend to still have lots of clothing that fit the criteria (comfortable, accessible, tag less, minimal seams, compact, durable, etc.) include: Athleta, Lululemon, Patagonia, Garnet Hill, and Universal Standard.


        As you can see, there are so many resources available for any range of sensory needs, and the number is only growing! There are dozens more than just the ones on this list, and there are an increasing number of companies and brands that are seeing the importance of inclusion of diverse needs and accessibility of fashion for all people. 

        If you're looking for other types of adaptive apparel, check out  our brand We are run and operated by disabled women and non-disabled allies with one common mission: making dressing easy for all.