DIY Adaptive clothing: Limited Hand Mobility

Hey you! This is Emma here and I’ve compiled a list of 3 tricks and DIY tips for “adaptive apparel.” Today’s theme is “Business Casual” and I’m offering fashion tips specifically for women with limited hand dexterity. If hook and eyes, small buttons and low quality zippers are a problem for you, then this post is for you!

Shirt Hack:

One way to step up your business casual is having an oxford button down in your wardrobe; but let’s get rid of those annoying buttons while still looking chic! If you’re feeling crafty one afternoon, all you need is fabric grade adhesive, Velcro and a button up shirt

Step 1: Layout the unbuttoned shirt on a flat surface. One side will have buttons and the other will have the small hole the buttons are supposed to go into.

Step 2: Apply Velcro strip along the edge of the opening of the shirt over the holes. Apply another strip of Velcro the same length on the opposite opening of the shirt, but on the inside of the flap, underneath the buttons.

VOILA, now you’ve created a super chic work blouse that is easy to get on.

 PRO TIP: use extra thin Velcro or even try cutting up the Velcro into small squares/circles and placing them over the buttonholes and underneath the corresponding buttons. This way there is a limited amount of Velcro.

Bag and Wallet Hack:

Looking for a way to easily keep your wallet or bags closed? Sometimes the small zippers on our wallets or bags can be a total pain in the butt and attaching a large button with a fun colored thread can be an excellent way to easily zip up your belongings without loosing that sense of elegance. Check out some buttons below (you can find all three of these on Etsy)

Jewelry Hack:

Do you have a favorite necklace or bracelet that you can’t wear any more because the clasp is so difficult to open and close? With an oversized needle and thin gold or silver elastic, thread your elastic through the clasp and tie a loop. This way you can stretch your statement necklaces over your head without having to kill your fingers by trying to get it to clasp ever again.

PRO TIP: Instead of tying the elastic, use a strong adhesive to glue the two end of the elastic together.