Our Favorite Adaptive Underwear

Last week on the blog we talked about how amazing adaptive underwear is and why it’s so important. This week, the Liberare team is talking about our favorite underwear and what we love specifically about the underwear we have on our site. We don’t just carry one kind of underwear, we have underwear for all different kinds of needs and abilities. In fact, we have so many awesome pairs of underwear we can only cover a few of them this week, but don’t worry, we’ll be covering the rest of them in part two of this next week when we go over our period-absorbing underwear. This week we’ll be focusing on side opening underwear for those with limited leg mobility or like seated dressing options. 

The first pair of undies we’re going to talk about is the brief panty by Slick Chicks. 

The brief panty is a great basic and a super versatile style. It’s made of a soft, stretch fabric with just the right amount of coverage. The bikini briefs sit low on the waistline (which is awesome for pregnancy). These are perfect for anyone that needs an everyday pair of underwear that has a classic fit with a little more coverage. Preferences in underwear vary so greatly. Some love thongs and cheeky panties, but many prefer something that gives some coverage. The best part of these adaptive underwear is the fact that they’re actually side opening, which is perfect for anyone that has trouble lifting their legs or dresses from a seated position. It takes out the fuss from dressing for wheelchair users or anyone else that has limited leg mobility!

While we’re talking about a pair of Slick Chicks adaptive underwear, we may as well take the time to talk about another pair of their undies that we love, which is the Hipster Panty. 

This is super similar to the Brief Panty, but with a great high-rise fit. It adds a great sense of security to the fit of the panties, and makes sure that they stay snug above your hips. They feature the same awesome material and the side opening technology. For those who prefer a higher waisted style and still want that adaptive technology for seated dressers, this is the pair of adaptive underwear for you!

Although we love the Brief Panty and the Hipster Panty, not everyone wants as much coverage, some feel sexier with a more cheeky look. This is where the Tanga Panty comes in. 

The Tanga Panty isn’t just a regular thong or panty, it’s actually a cross between both. It’s not a complete thong but it does have a cheeky look, making it one of our personal favorites. For those looking for a sexier look but don’t love the feel of thongs, this adaptive underwear might be for you. Of course, it wouldn’t be on our site if it didn’t feature some cool adaptive feature, and so this panty is also side opening! Who said that seated dressing has to be boring? Adaptive underwear should be just as sexy as typical underwear, and we have more options coming!