Our Favorite Adaptive Underwear - Period Panties

At the end of 2020, we talked on the blog about our favorite adaptive underwear that we carry. Liberare's ultimate goal has and will always be giving you the very best and widest range of adaptive underwear, adaptive bras, and everything in between. We loved going through the many options of underwear we carry and showing you why we love the pieces we do. However, we couldn't manage to fit it all into one post! Here at Liberare, we believe that one size does NOT fit all, and it definitely doesn't fit all abilities! We offer a wide variety of closure options, and adaptive technology, and we're always working on offering even more. In fact, more options may be coming verrryyy soon ;). But until then, we'll tell you about what we have right now, and how many amazing different options there are for adaptive underwear.

If you haven't read our previous blog post on adaptive underwear, definitely go check it out here, before continuing on. We don't want you to miss a single pair of cute undies!

In our last post on adaptive underwear we covered some of the essentials in terms of our awesome Slick Chicks side opening panties, however there are other technologies that make underwear adaptive! One of those awesome technologies is period panties, and the ones that we carry are called the 'Ada Hipster Full'.

The Ada Hipster Full panties have 3 layers of breathable fabric that make the undies leak resistant, stain releasing, and moisture wicking (NO plastic or films). And of course the most important part is that it holds up to two regular tampons' worth so they can last for a good amount of time. We also love this panty because not only are they functional but also they have a little bit of flirty lace that makes the style a little bit more flirty and fun.

The next panty that we're going to talk about is the Ada Thong.

The Ada Thong is just as fabulous as the Ada Hipster in terms of functionality and serving their function as adaptive underwear, however this is a thong style for those that prefer it. The entire waistband on this is also lace, so it's a bit sexier for those that feel like spicing it up. But have no fear! Just because this style is more on the daring side, doesn't mean it has to sacrifice comfort and functionality for it's style. It still holds one tampons' worth so you can still feel protected and ready to go.

Period panties are an incredible new technology for the category of adaptive underwear. We're loving them and we hope that you will too. And again, keep your eyes peeled for exciting new adaptive underwear options in the very near future. Thank you all for reading and exploring our adaptive underwear with us, make sure to check back here for new products and exciting blog posts!