The Amazing Invention of Adaptive Underwear

Here on our blog we’ve talked about many things, and we talk quite often about how important adaptive bras are and how much we love the ones on our site. However, sometimes we forget to mention our super awesome underwear and how important it is to have more adaptive underwear on the market. After all, we want to produce all things sexy when it comes to adaptive lingerie. Today we’re going to be talking about why adaptive underwear exists and how it helps people, and some of the awesome underwear we have on our site so far!

Sometimes it’s easier to understand why there is such a need for adaptive bras, after all the clasps are difficult for anyone to put them on let alone someone with a disability. There is some revolutionary technology that’s a little more well known for adaptive bras. So you might be wondering, what even is “adaptive underwear”? Isn’t underwear already easy to put on? And our answer to that question is: not for everyone! While many of us may be able to slip on underwear in the morning like it’s nothing, others don’t have that luxury. It’s important to say before we move on that the groups that we mention being able to use our products are just a general idea, but everyone dresses differently. Some in wheelchairs could use side opening panties, some don’t need them. Some people who have a caretaker that dresses them use adaptive bras or underwear, and some don’t. It depends on the person, so we’re making no assumptions about the way anyone dresses, just giving some examples!

Side opening underwear can help wheelchair users as oftentimes lifting a leg can be very difficult or not possible. With side opening panties you have the ability to slip the back panel under without having to maneuver through any complicated or small leg holes. Adaptive underwear can also be particularly useful when it comes to assisted dressing. Not everyone has the ability to dress themselves, everyone dresses differently! Therefore it can be tough for caretakers to maneuver in the leg holes and make sure it’s comfortable for the wearer. Side opening underwear can be a great solution to this difficult situation.

In addition to that kind of adaptive underwear, another important thing to mention is that adaptive underwear doesn’t always mean it has to be adaptive for dressing, but also for wearing. That’s why we also carry period panties. I’m sure there are many of us that have heard of period panties and maybe even have used them. They’re an amazing invention that’s amazing for our environment and for women, but they’re particularly useful for those with disabilities. Many of those who spend most of their time sitting in a wheelchair don’t have the ability to change their period products throughout the day, so these underwear are a great solution. With many layers of absorbing fabric it allows the wearer to go a long time without having to change anything or worry about it. It’s time we start talking about periods and disability!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as our team tells you about our favorite panties we offer and why!