Seeing Beauty in Ourselves

About the Author: Maria is an incredible disability advocate and disabled model. She shares her stunning modeling work on her instagram, and today she's telling us all about having confidence with a disability, and how she gained the confidence to start her modeling career! To see her amazing work and read more of her awesome words, go check out her instagram here!

Why does a disabled woman need elegant underwear or a visit to a beautician? Well, what for, if she is not 100% woman. We are so often affected by society. We are deprived of the right to be well-groomed and to please others.

When a disabled girl plays with her peers, she does not notice that she is perceived as inferior. This changes when she enters puberty. Every teenager is sensitive about his appearance. However, a girl with visible defects becomes the object of mockery and acquires complexes for the rest of her life. When her friends make their first dates, she notices for the first time how men approach women with disabilities. She starts to believe that she is a worthless woman and has no right to dream of starting a family. This often results in young women entering into toxic relationships with men, so desiring to be loved and fully accepted that she accepts humiliation and physical and psychological violence. She only wants one thing - to be loved. At all costs.

Does it have to be this way? It depends only on ourselves. The road to self-esteem is long and winding, but well worth the effort. It is easier when your parents follow you along this path, treating you like a healthy person from the beginning and hammering into your head that you are not worse than others. The father plays a special role here, calling his daughter his princess and doing her a favor for the rest of her life. Not every girl is lucky to be brought up by a full family. Then what? You have to work it out yourself in your head.

I had to face it myself and I have the satisfaction that I succeeded. Many factors contributed to this. First of all, I surround myself with people who accept me as I am, and I feel good in their company. I try to meet these people outside the home. I don't want to close myself in four walls and think that others will feel sick to me. I think that the more disabled women will go out to people, the greater their knowledge about us will be. As you know, we are afraid of what we do not know. However, the biggest breakthrough in my own positive self-perception came when I took part in the photo session. I found out that I love to pose for photos and when I stand in front of the camera I feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Amateur posing for photos ended with participation in a modeling agency.

After many years of experience and reflection, I am sure that it is not appearance that defines a person. Of course, it is important because it determines the first impression. However, it is self-confidence and how others feel in our company that determines how others perceive us.

If we do not see a beautiful woman in ourselves, no one else will see it for us.


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