Travel Stories from a Wheelchair User

About the Author: Blogger Giuila Lamarca began using a wheelchair after her spinal cord accident in 2011. On her blog, Guila recounts everything about her vacations and holidays (from what she wears to how accessible the city that she visits is). Liberare was lucky enough to snag an interview with Giuila and hear more about her day to day life. We asked her about all things feminine: her love life, clothes, makeup, relaxation tips, and shopping. 

Enjoy :) 


What is your favorite piece of clothing that makes you feel the most confident?

I love dresses!! Right after my accident, I didn’t want to wear them. I didn’t like my legs, they were frail and too skinny! After some time, I managed to try one on again. Now I feel very confident and beautiful in my dresses! The swoosh of the skirts and dresses help create some movement over my legs.

Tell us about the best date you've been on with your husband.

Well, this one is quite difficult!!

There is one date in particular though, that is still in my heart and I am sure it will always be!

It was a Wednesday night, some months after my accident, I was crying the whole night. I decided to call Andrea. It was probably 2 a.m. but he still came and met me. He said "I will always be there for you and I will keep my phone always on, even at night!". and he actually did! He answered me and we stayed all night together, talking and crying (well, I cried...). He then brought me back home and he had to go back at his house (it was a 14 km walk at 5 am!) The next morning we met at the hospital and we knew that our bond would be forever!!


Where is your favorite travel destination? Is it accessible to all?

I think Japan; it’s a fantastic place, full of wonderful temples, and it’s crowded but never really seems busy! Everyone is so respectful and also everything is very accessible!! They managed to surpass pretty much every barrier when it comes to lack of accessibility they could. When they had architectural barriers, there were always ready to help me.

Where is your favorite place to shop and why?

This one is easy: PARIS! Do I have to tell you why?? It’s elegant, magnificent, you can find any kind of clothing or accessory you are looking for. I love French style and in particular Parisian style! Also, for every clothing shop you can find a little patisserie and I love French sweets as well!!

What do you do to relax?

I usually watch TV series (I am a Netflix addicted), or read a book, but the thing I love the most to relax is: TRAVELING!! Of course...

What makes you feel beautiful?

The clothes that look good on me! I choose clothes that I feel most comfortable in and that enhance my body, but above all my personality. I value my personal characteristics that I have make me feel a beautiful person.

What's your makeup routine?

I do not use many make up daily... I usually make a very light and natural one, a little bit of eyeliner and blush... but most of the time absolutely nothing!!

What do you wish people knew about you?

It is not something about me specifically. I am trying to make people understand that traveling in a wheelchair is amazing, but sometimes it can still be difficult. But even more importantly, I wish people knew that everyone of us is beautiful; it does not matter about your disability or difference.

What is one question you are tired of being asked?

I love talking with other people and I always wanted to tell the hard truth about everything. So I am always very sincere and I am happy when people ask me about their doubts or questions.

Talking about my accident is not my favorite topic, but I do understand the curiosity!!

I want people to feel free to ask me anything!