Adaptive Bras: A Game-Changer for Accessibility

Adaptive bras a game changer for accessibility


For many individuals with disabilities and chronic illnesses, the simple act of putting on a bra can be a daily challenge. Traditional bras with their fiddly hook-and-eye closures often prove to be more of a hindrance than a benefit. Liberare, a brand with a mission to make easy-on bras that are supportive and flattering for all women, has introduced a range of adaptive bras that are revolutionizing the way we think about undergarments.

"The Underwear Brand Changing the Game." -Vogue

Liberare's vision is refreshingly simple: to help you be your best self by providing easy dressing solutions. Their adaptive bras are changing the game for those in need of more accessible and comfortable solutions, and brands like Vogue are taking notice. Life is complicated enough, and your bra shouldn't be a source of worry in the morning. With Liberare, the days of struggling with hook-and-eye closures are officially over!

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The Collection

Liberare offers a selection of adaptive bras that cater to various needs, making them an inclusive choice for people of all abilities. Their flagship product, the Liberare bra, is a perfect solution for individuals with severely limited hand dexterity, chronic illnesses, arthritis, and more. Additionally, their Everyday Easy-On Bra holds high praises too. Here are some key features that make Liberare's adaptive bras a must-have item in your wardrobe.

1. Hassle-Free Front-Closure

One of the standout features of Liberare's adaptive bras is their front-closure design. No more struggling with those tiny hooks and eyes. The easy-on closure glides together and locks into place, ensuring that the bra stays securely fastened all day. This innovative feature not only simplifies the process of putting on the bra but also provides peace of mind, as you can trust that it will stay in place.

2. Wireless Support

For individuals with sensitive skin or those who find underwires uncomfortable, Liberare's adaptive bras offer the perfect solution. These bras provide full support without the need for painful underwires, allowing you to feel both lifted and comfortable throughout the day.

3. Perfect Fit: Adjustable Band

Another remarkable feature is the adjustable band, which can be customized to achieve the perfect fit. With 4 inches of adjustability, you can ensure that your bra fits you perfectly, making it not only easy to put on but also tailored to your individual needs.

4. Optional Assistive Dressing Loops for No-Pinch Dressing 

Liberare's design goes the extra mile in ensuring comfort. With optional pinch-free loops, you can forget about painful pinching or gripping. Simply slide a finger through and guide the bra closed with ease.

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Liberare's adaptive bras are a game-changer for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses. By reimagining the traditional bra design, they have created a line of undergarments that are accessible, comfortable, and easy to put on. With features like a hassle-free front-closure, wire-free support, adjustable bands, and assistive dressing loops, they are addressing the unique challenges faced by individuals with limited hand dexterity.

In a world where accessibility and inclusivity are gaining increasing importance, Liberare's adaptive bras are a step in the right direction. They empower individuals to be comfortable and confident in their own skin without the added stress of struggling with traditional bras. With Liberare, the first step of your day just became a whole lot easier, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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