Best Front-Closure Bras For Elderly Women (2024)

Best Front-Closure Bras For Elderly Women

As women age, comfort and practicality become essential to their dressing needs. Factors like chronic pain, arthritis, and other age-related issues with aging arise, making simple tasks like putting on a bra difficult and painful. That’s why front-closure bras are popular among elderly women. After all, they’re well-designed, wireless, and, most importantly, easy to put on! Here are our top 5 front-closure bras with ratings from specialists.



1. The Everyday Easy-On Bra

Rating: ★★★★★

The Liberare Everyday Easy-On Bra is made for elderly women who have trouble moving or have arthritis. It has a front closure and adjustable straps for easy wearing. The fabric is soft and stretchy, giving comfort and support. This bra is perfect for elderly women dealing with mobility issues or arthritis.


Easy-On Adaptive Bras for Pain-Free Mornings


Hassle-Free Front-Closure

Never struggle with bra clasps again. This easy-on closure has a magnetized glide that keeps the bra secured all day. 

Wirefree Support

Stay lifted and comfy without the painful underwire. Full support that's perfect for sensitive skin.

Perfect Fit: Adjustable Band

 Customize your perfect band fit with 4" of adjustability. 


Optional Pinch-Free Loops

 Forget about painful pinching or gripping. Slide a finger through and guide the bra closed.




2. Cotton Front-Fastening Magic Bra

 Rating: ★★


The Cotton Front Fastening Magic Bra provides a convenient option for elderly women with its soft material and front closure design, making it suitable for everyday wear. However, there are important drawbacks to consider. Due to its design, this bra may not offer sufficient support, particularly for larger bust sizes. Additionally, the small hooks used for the front closure can be challenging to fasten, especially for individuals with arthritis or limited hand mobility. Despite these drawbacks, it's worth noting that this bra comes at a very affordable price point, making it a budget-friendly option.  


3. Women's Front-Close Bra with Flex Back

 Rating: ★★

If you're in search of a dependable and comfortable front-closure bra tailored for elderly women, the Playtex Women's Front-Close Bra with Flex Back stands out as an excellent choice! Engineered to offer substantial support and coverage, this bra boasts a user-friendly front closure design, facilitating easy wear and removal.

The bra combines structural integrity with simplicity, featuring subtle detailing and wide straps for a stylish yet practical appeal. Its flex back feature ensures ample flexibility and comfort, particularly beneficial for mature individuals.

However, it's crucial to note certain drawbacks. Some users find the front-closure mechanism to be fussy, potentially posing challenges during fastening. Additionally, the absence of band adjustability limits customization options. Furthermore, reviews suggest that the bra's stiffness may lead to discomfort, particularly for those with larger bust sizes.


4. Plus-Size Front-Close Lace T-Back Wonderwire Bra

 Rating: ★★



This bra is specially crafted to fulfill the unique needs of elderly women with larger breasts. Featuring a convenient front closure and a lace T-back design, it ensures easy and comfortable wear while delivering excellent support. Moreover, it offers a wide range of beautiful designs to match any taste or style preference, from classic neutrals to bold prints and patterns. However, it's worth noting that this bra lacks band adjustability and the front fastener may be a bit tricky to manage.


5. Women's Front Close Racerback Sports Bra

 Rating: ★★


This bralette is designed for individuals who require minimal support and have the dexterity to handle its 5 or 6 small hooks. Soft, convenient, and affordable, it suits its purpose well, particularly for elderly women seeking enhanced support and coverage. However, it's important to note that this bralette uses hook-and-eye closures, which may not be ideal for those with arthritis or limited dexterity.

On the positive side, it offers full coverage with thick straps and a wirefree design. However, it may pose challenges for those with limited hand dexterity due to the small hooks, and there might be sizing limitations. Additionally, it provides limited support.


Overall Recommendation:

The Everyday Easy-On Bra


Take a look at some of the reviews

I bought the wrong size and didn't think it fit. I emailed them and Emma walked me through my size questions. I returned for a bigger band size and it was perfect. I love the closure but it's also just so comfy. i have been wearing underwires for the last 40 years and I didn't realize wirefree bras could hold me up. I bought this because I wasn't sure can't fastener bras anymore or put it over my head and wished it had wires. When I tried it on, it was perfect. I haven't gone back to my old bras. please come out with more colors though.

- Frankie


This is wonderful. As a 34DD I have been looking for something that will help with my arthritis in my hands. Great support and lift without wires. Very easy to put on for me which was exactly what I was looking for


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