Comfortable Bras Post Shoulder Surgery

If you’ve just had shoulder surgery, wearing a bra that clasps behind your back will likely add to your discomfort and might even be painful to fasten.

The best bras to wear after shoulder surgery are wireless, front-closure styles. These bras fasten in the front which eliminates having to reach behind you. They also have soft wireless cups with no metal or plastic underwire. Comfort comes first after surgery, and a front-closure wireless bra is the best bra style to wear while you recover. Keep reading for our top bra recommendations for after shoulder surgery.

Immediately after surgery, you’re going to need a bra as comfortable as they come. The Wrap Bralette has soft cotton stretch fabric, with an easy-on front-closure, and a breathable lace T-back design. The stretch cotton fabric adjusts to your fit, and this bra is perfect for wearing all day or all night — whatever is comfortable for you. 


post shoulder surgery bra

Two weeks after surgery, choosing a comfortable bra for everyday wear is essential. For added ease during recovery, front-closure bras are the go-to option. Our top recommendation for this period is the Everyday Easy-On Bra. It's akin to the simplicity of a Wrap Bralette with its easy-on front closure and is exceptionally comfortable. What makes it unique is its wireless design coupled with a subtle seam for a gentle lift, ensuring comfort and support as you continue to recover. 

The Everyday Easy-On Bra proves to be an excellent selection for the weeks and months following surgery. 


post shoulder surgery bra

Everyday Easy-On Bra - Liberare - $64.00