Finding The Best Adaptive Bra For Disabled Hands

Hey there! In a world full of uncomfortable bras, we're going to dive right in to the most comfortable and easy bras for disabled hands. 

At Liberare, we are an all-female team made up of disabled and non-disabled allies. So, we understand the challenges of finding an adaptive bra, especially when dealing with disabled hands.

That's why we're thrilled to introduce our best selling and number 1 adaptive bras on the market – the Everyday Easy-On Bra and the Wrap Bralette.


The Best-Seller - Everyday Easy-On Bra

Our Everyday Easy-On Bra is more than just lingerie; it's a source of freedom and independence. This bra takes dressing to a whole new level with its front-closure design and magnetic fasteners, eliminating the hassle. Say goodbye to fiddling and overstretching to hook those pesky straps into place.

What sets the Everyday Easy-On Bra apart is its commitment to providing comfort and ease for those with limited hand mobility. The seamless magnetic closure ensures a secure fit without the need for intricate maneuvers. If you have limited hand dexterity or struggle to pinch, we've even added grip loops to help you dress. Simply glide your fingers into the assistive grip loops and gently close the bra. It's really that easy!

Of course, comfort wouldn't be complete without eliminating the underwire. Our bras are 100% wire-free, but don't worry: We still prioritize support for larger busts. This bra goes up to a G cup, and we've added a seam to gently lift and support without the discomfort of wires.

This bra has become our best-selling option for individuals with limited hand mobility because it was designed specifically for them! It truly is the most comfortable and easy-to-wear bra.

bra for disabled hands

Ultimate Comfort with the Wrap Bralette

The Wrap Bralette takes comfort to a chic new realm. Similar to the Everyday Easy-On Bra, it features a front closure but comes in a beautiful lilac color! This is our ultimate comfort bra, designed to be worn lounging around the house or on days when you desire comfort. It's a popular choice within our chronic illness community, as it's comfortable enough to be worn during a flare-up.

This bralette has a wireless with an adjustable band, ensuring a perfect fit every time. The Wrap Bralette is more than just a garment; it's a statement of inclusivity. We've been told this bralette is great for post-surgery, nursing, those with arthritis, chronic pain, and perfect for those with limited hand mobility

Discovering Liberation: Bra for Disabled Hands

In our quest to redefine comfort, we've crafted the Everyday Easy-On and Wrap Bralette with the goal of becoming the go-to adaptive bras for disabled hands. The magnetic closure not only streamlines the dressing process but also empowers individuals to get dressed independently. 

So, here's to finding the best adaptive bra for disabled hands – because everyone deserves to feel liberated in their own skin!