Front-Closure Bras For Older Women With Arthritis

Hello, lovely readers! I want to share some wisdom from my 65-year-old perspective on a topic that's close to every woman's heart – bras.

Over the years, as I've gotten older, I've found that finding a bra has become a top priority. I felt like, over the years, my posture has changed, and I've definitely shrunk! The need for a comfortable bra is essential, not only for support but for daily life and easier dressing. 

Another element is that I have arthritis, so anything I can find that can ease pain and make things more manageable is so beneficial. I've tried my fair share of front-closure bras and wanted to share my wisdom and experience with any other seniors looking for a front-closure bra.

1st Bra I Tried: Fruit of the Loom Women's Front Close Builtup Sports Bra - $23.00

This was one of the first front-closure bras I tried out. I bought it on the trusted site Amazon, and it had thousands of reviews, some good, some bad. So, I thought I'd give it a go and form my own opinion on it.

At $23.00 for a pack of three, I couldn't go wrong. Now, these are sports bras, and I am a 36D, so I was wondering if it would have the support I wanted. It's made from cotton, and I'll be honest; it sagged my breasts rather than lifting. It was very comfortable to wear, and I would wear it around the house or in the evenings to wind down.

One thing I struggled with the most was the hooks at the front. When you try to do up the bra while pulling the two sides together and keeping your breasts from escaping, it was difficult. Having arthritis in my fingers, this wasn't an easy job, and I don't recommend this bra for those with chronic pain or bigger busts.

2nd Bra I Tried: Silverts Women's Adaptive Front Snap Closure Bra - $22.48


Second on the list, we have the Silverts Front Closure snap bra, very similar to the above. Instead, it uses buttons rather than hooks.

Now, I like the wireless design, something I am very fond of as I do not like underwire. With D cup breasts, it’s uncomfortable to have wire digging into my ribs.

I also had thoughts about the snap buttons, which are standard buttons found on your coats that pop together; this was a lot easier for my arthritis than hooks; however, they did not hold. I found myself popping open at inconvenient moments.

Although very comfortable and, of course, front-closure, it was not a convenient front-closure bra.


3rd Bra I Tried: Bali Comfort Revolution Front-Close Bra — $25.00


The Bali Comfort Revolution bras were highly rated as front-closure bras and use no hooks, no buttons, but magnets, something I had to try. It is made from Nylon and spandex, meaning it's very light, and the cups were very front. They were, however, made from underwire.

Now, the magnet did hold at first, and I loved the look of this bra. It did not support my breasts, but I really loved the idea. Magnets really help glide the bra together, rather than the struggle to hook or snap together fiddly fasteners; it took seconds for the magnets to come together. It also had front-adjusting straps, meaning I didn’t have to reach behind it to get the perfect fit.

front-closure bra for seniors

The Winner: The Liberare Everyday Easy-On Bra - $64.00

I felt like I was in a good position now; I knew what I was looking for. Front-closure, wireless, front-adjusting straps, and something that may or may not have magnets. Off I went, googling to find the perfect bra, that’s when I came across Liberare.

Firstly, they design front-closure bras for seniors, especially those with chronic pain in fingers such as arthritis – a winner! That’s exactly what I wanted.

After more research, I came across the Everyday Easy-On Bra. It was wireless, made from sensory-friendly fabric, and was front-closure with magnets. Unlike the Bali Comfort bra that had one magnet, this bra had 5 meaning I had confidence it would hold my breasts.

When I put it on the first time, I couldn’t believe how easy it was; they really glided together and locked. I was worried they would pop open like the others, but they interlock and held all day. Not to worry; at the right angle, they come apart easily too, meaning it was so easy to get on and off. 


See How It Works: 

Some other design elements that I loved but wasn’t looking for were that it has grip loops. On the days I have pain, I can use the loops to loop my fingers through and pull the bra together. This was such a nice design touch, especially as my fingers are starting to deform from arthritis. This bra will be great for the future.

It also has a back adjuster which I had to read up about, but it’s there as our weight can fluctuate, meaning it can be adjusted to get the perfect fit every time. Are you as shocked as I am! It was everything I was looking for in a front-closure bra for a senior. I’ve been wearing this bra now for 3 months, and it is so comfortable and wearable. I’ve recommended it to so many people! They have a wonderful selection of bras and will definitely have to try out another.