How to Find the Right Bra for Your Arthritis (2024)


front closure arthritis bra


Arthritis, a medical condition characterized by joint stiffness, swelling, and pain, can impact various joints throughout the body, including the hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet. This debilitating condition often interferes with routine activities, making seemingly simple tasks like putting on a bra challenging for those affected.

For individuals with arthritis, discomfort commonly manifests in the shoulders, upper back, and hands while putting on a bra. The pressure from bra straps on the shoulders may induce pain, while the twisting and turning required for traditional bra fastening can exacerbate discomfort in the upper back. Additionally, gripping and securing the bra with standard hook and eyes can pose challenges for those with arthritis.

Choosing an arthritis-friendly bra involves key considerations:

  1. Front-Closure Design: Front-closure bras are highly recommended for individuals with arthritis in the shoulders, fingers, or back. The avoidance of twisting and turning during wear can significantly alleviate pain.
  2. Hassle-Free Closure: Traditional, tiny hooks on bras can be a nightmare for those with arthritis. Front-closure bras with magnetization offer an ideal solution, simplifying the dressing process.
  3. Thick Shoulder Straps: Essential for individuals with arthritis in the back and shoulders, thick shoulder straps help prevent discomfort and digging, particularly crucial for those with larger bust sizes.
  4. Wire-free Comfort: Comfort is paramount, and wire-free bras are essential to avoid poking wires that can cause additional discomfort, especially for those dealing with chronic pain alongside arthritis.

Investing in a hassle-free, front-closure bra can be transformative for individuals with arthritis, simplifying the dressing routine and significantly enhancing overall comfort.

Front-closure bra for arthritis

Here Are Our Top 5 Recommended Bras Tailored for Individuals Dealing With Arthritis:


1 Liberare Everyday Easy-On Bra

Our rating: ★★★★★

front-closure bra for shoulder injuries


The Liberare Everyday Easy-On Bra is designed to redefine comfort and ease, particularly for individuals dealing with arthritis or limited mobility. Its standout feature is the front-closure design, eliminating the need for complicated twisting and turning during wear. The use of magnetic fasteners takes away the hassle associated with traditional hooks, ensuring a smooth and secure closure.

Specifically addressing the discomforts of arthritis, this bra is equipped with thick shoulder straps, offering extra support for individuals experiencing back and shoulder issues. Beyond simplifying the daily dressing routine, the Liberare Everyday Easy-On Bra prioritizes comfort and support, making it an invaluable choice for those seeking a user-friendly and comfortable solution.


★★★★★ - Worked Great for my mom

"I pre-ordered this for my mom who suffers with Ulnar drift in her hands due to RA. Her joints are so swollen that she cant use most bras with hooks even when in the front so I took a leap of faith on this bra because of the magnets. The bra fits her well and the loops and magnetic front are really helpful for her. Hope you guys will consider releasing more colors soon too so I can give her some more options."

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2 Liberare  The Liberare Bra 

Our rating: ★★★

 front closure adaptive bra CREDIT:


The Liberare Bra stands out as an excellent choice for women dealing with arthritis, providing tailored solutions for enhanced comfort. Featuring an innovative front-fastening design, this bra eliminates the complexities of clasps and hooks, offering a user-friendly alternative for those with arthritis-related challenges.

The magnetic fasteners ensure a smooth and pain-free dressing experience, addressing the difficulties associated with small hooks. Additionally, the wire-free and supportive features make the Liberare Bra a practical and comfortable option for women seeking specialized support while managing arthritis.

★★★★ - Thank you Liberare

This is AWESOME. I had a stroke and can’t use my left arm. This is the easiest bra to put on. I’m 32 and still want to wear a nice bra so I really appreciate the back lace detail.

★★★★- Forgot I Was Even Wearing A
Bra Its So Comfy

Please come out with a nude. I haven’t been able to do a bra in years because of the pain in my fingers from RA. i love this and would like more colors please ,especially something I can wear under a light colored blouse.

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3 Liberare Cotton Front Fastening Wrap Bralette 

Our rating: ★★★★

 CREDIT: Liberare
  front-closure bra for shoulder injuries  CREDIT:


The Wrap Bralette stands out as an excellent option for women dealing with arthritis, especially on days where comfort takes precedence. Designed as a lounge comfort bra, its pain-free application makes it effortlessly wearable for those facing arthritis-related challenges.

While it may not serve as the ideal everyday bra like the Everyday Easy-On Bra, it shines as a comforting alternative when pain becomes overwhelming. Striking a balance between support and comfort, the Wrap Bralette becomes a reliable choice, offering a pain-free and exceptionally comfortable wearing experience for individuals managing arthritis.


★★★★★ - 40B XL Post Surgery

Purchased post-rotator cuff surgery, paired with the Everyday Easy-On bra. Perfect for lounging at home due to its soft cotton and moderate support. Highly recommended.

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In conclusion, arthritis can make even simple tasks like putting on a bra difficult and painful. However, there are companies that specialize in bras for people with arthritis, and their products can help alleviate discomfort and make daily life easier. By choosing the right bra, people with arthritis can enjoy greater comfort and freedom of movement.