How to Use a Front-Closure Bra (2024)


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Finding the perfect front-closure bra can be a game-changer, especially for elderly and senior women facing challenges such as arthritis, limited hand mobility, or chronic pain. While there are numerous front-closure bras on the market catering to these needs, not all of them offer the ideal combination of ease and support. The struggle lies in finding a bra that is not only pain-free to put on, but also wire-free for maximum comfort, available in various sizes to accommodate different body types.

Many front-closure bras employ hook-and-eye closures, a feature common in traditional bras. However, these closures can prove to be quite challenging and intricate to fasten.

Hook and eye on standard bra

Among the myriad of front-closure bra companies in the market, Liberare stands out as an innovative player dedicated to crafting adaptive bras for women. Pioneering a revolutionary approach, Liberare redesigns standard bra fasteners using interlocking magnets. This inventive design facilitates effortless fastening, especially for individuals with limited hand function and those with arthritis. In doing so, Liberare's front-closure, wireless bras have garnered widespread acclaim for their user-friendly design.

These front-closure bras have also secured their position as the preferred choice in the market, receiving high praise from women across all age groups. Particularly, elderly women with arthritis have stated significant relief and satisfaction with these bras. The interlocking magnet system sets Liberare apart as the leading bra of its kind, offering a comfortable and supportive solution for those in need. 

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Introducing the Everyday Easy-On Bra by Liberare

The Everyday Easy On Bra by Liberare redefines comfort and convenience with its thoughtful features tailored to enhance the daily experience of wearers.

  • Front closure: equipped with EasyOn fasteners utilizing interlocking magnets, ensures a hassle-free and quick fastening process.
  • Wireless: Designed without wires, this bra prioritizes comfort, providing a seamless experience throughout the day.
  • Supportive Seam: The inclusion of a supportive seam enhances the overall fit and feel.
  • Back adjuster: The back adjuster guarantees a perfect and customized fit for individual preferences.
  • Assistive Grip Loops: Going a step further in accessibility, the bra incorporates grip loops, offering a solution for those with limited hand function who may find pinching challenging.

Liberare's Everyday Easy On Bra combines innovation and functionality to create a seamless and supportive undergarment for everyday wear.

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