My Top Pick for Rheumatoid Arthritis-Friendly Bra

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Living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) requires constant adjustments, especially when it comes to everyday tasks like getting dressed. Over time, even simple tasks like clasping, hooking, and zipping have become increasingly challenging for me, particularly on difficult days when dressing up feels frustrating or nearly impossible.


The Struggle with Regular Bras

One major challenge I faced was with regular bras. As someone who values comfort and is mindful of personal preferences, I never leave home without wearing one. However, the process of hooking the three or four clasps on regular bras became progressively more difficult. What used to be an easy task became a source of stress and frustration. Even rotating the bra after clasping it in front didn't make it any easier. Eventually, I found myself avoiding clasps altogether.


Navigating Trial and Error

In my search for a solution, I experimented with various non-clasp bras, from zip-up bras to over-the-head options with and without underwire, and even traditional sports bras. While some seemed promising at first, many turned out to be uncomfortable after a short period. This resulted in a drawer full of discarded but perfectly good bras that simply weren't suitable for my needs.


Discovering the Most RA Friendly Bra I have met:

Enter the Liberare Everyday Easy-On Bra. This bra ticks all the boxes for me and eliminates unnecessary features.

arthritis friendly braEveryday Easy-On Bra Liberare  


No Discomfort with Underwire:

Comprising 75 percent nylon and 25 percent spandex, the bra offers stretchiness while maintaining its shape. It provides contoured comfort without the discomfort of underwire, making it a perfect fit for those with RA. It's even designed with a built-in seam (no wire) to ensure you still get that lift. 


Gentle on RA Hands

With a front-closure magnetic fasteners, it meant no zippers, no hooks, and no hassle. As I struggle to pinch, the fasteners simply glide and lock together making it a dream for my RA-affected hands.


It's Lightweight

The seamless design ensures no lines under clothing, something I was concerned about with the 5 fasteners. In reality, it's so comfortable that I feel like I'm lifted while wearing nothing. 


Back Adjuster and Front Adjusting Straps:

I've never seen a bra before that has a back adjuster. It's quite revolutionary really. My weight can often fluctuate, especially with menopause, but the back adjuster means the band is always a perfect fit. It also has straps that adjust at the front, a design element which should be on all bras! That means no over stretching or reaching behind to fasten those falling straps.


arthritis friendly


A Game-Changer in Real Life:

For many, a bra might just be an accessory; but for me, it was causing genuine challenges and anxieties about getting dressing. The Everyday Easy-On Bra has significantly reduced my frustration and increased my willingness to leave the house. It's given me a sense of freedom and confidence, eliminating the need to change immediately upon returning home due to discomfort.

If you've discovered any game-changing bras that have made a difference in your life, feel free to share the links below. Sharing is caring, and these tips can be incredibly helpful!