Finding the Perfect Bra for My 70-Year-Old Mother: A Review

As a daughter and caregiver for my mother, watching her age into her 70s has been a beautiful yet challenging experience. Her spirit remains youthful, but her body has undergone changes that require special care and consideration.

As a sufferer of dementia and osteoarthritis, we've adapted many things in her life to ease pain and make things a little easier. One area we recently had to address was finding a comfortable bra for older women that offers comfort, support, and ease for her mature frame.

The journey began when my mother started complaining about her old bras. They were digging into her, and it was hard for us both to get them on. Hooks are fiddly, even more so when you’re trying to help dress someone else. With her posture and painful fingers, bras became either too tight, too loose, and just difficult to put on. She needed something that didn’t dig into her skin or cause any discomfort, especially around her shoulders and back. We needed bras designed specifically for older women, taking into account their unique needs.

So we made a checklist before we started our search:

  • Ease of Use: Easy to put on and take off, ideally with front closures.

  • Comfort: Soft fabrics and a good fit without underwires that dig in.

  • Support: Adequate support without being too constrictive.

After looking around and reading countless reviews, I stumbled across Oprah Daily’s '12 Best Bras for Mature Women for Shape and Support.' I found a bra specifically made for women with chronic pain, disabilities, limited shoulder mobility, and arthritis. This front-closure bra makes it easier to take on and off. It uses magnets that help glide the bra together, which means no hooks! That makes it so easy for my mom to put on, and for when the pain is too much and she needs me to help her.

My mother is a 36G, so I was initially concerned if the magnets would hold, but they help glide the bra together and have locking fasteners that lock the bra in place. Genius, right? It’s wireless and even has adjustable straps so I can adjust the bra for a perfect fit every time, accommodating my mom’s ever-changing posture.


I cannot recommend this bra enough. It's called the Everyday Easy-On Bra by Liberare. We have been using it for six months now, and it’s great. I’ve just put in a new order for a black bra as we love the white one so much.

As a daughter and a caregiver, finding this bra has been life-changing for both of us. It provides the comfort, support, and ease my mother needs, making her daily routine a little bit easier. If you’re on a similar quest to find the perfect bra for your elderly mother, don’t hesitate to give this one a try. Here’s to finding comfort and joy in every stage of life!