Q&A Guide: Bras and Post-Shoulder Surgery

Are you looking to plan and prep for the recovery after shoulder surgery? As a woman preparing for shoulder surgery, how to choose the right bra to wear is a commonly asked question.

All bras should require support and comfort. But during the recovery process, pain-free should be a top priority, too. To ease your concerns, we’ve put together the most asked questions around post-surgery recovery and bras.


Q1: What role does a post-recovery bra play in the healing process after surgery?

A post-recovery bra is essential after surgery for a few reasons. It gives necessary support to the surgery area, keeping things stable and reducing strain on the incision. These bras also help control swelling and promote better blood flow, which can speed up recovery. They're made with comfort in mind, using soft materials and adjustable closures to suit the needs of those healing from surgery. In a nutshell, a post-recovery bra is there to make the healing process more comfortable and supportive after surgery.

Q2: What type of bra should I wear post-surgery?

Answer: At this stage, you’re looking for comfort, something that is easy to get on and requires no stretching or lifting your arm above your head, and most importantly a bra that is pain-free. Front-closure bras are a great option, saving you from reaching behind your back. Look for soft, breathable fabrics to keep irritation at bay.

Liberare offers a wonderful selection of post-shoulder surgery bras from, a wrap bralette for the very early stages to an everyday bra post-surgery. All of their bras have been designed without hooks and eyes, after extensive research, the removal of these fiddly fasteners and the replacement of magnetic fasteners means a more pain-free dressing experience. Another additional factor is that all bras have been made from sensory-friendly fabric, but they are also wireless. Wireless is the way to go post-surgery, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible and wires digging in your ribcage is not comfortable!

We recommend the Wrap Bralette & the Liberare Bra as a top choice for the first recovery stage after your shoulder surgery, and then the Everyday Easy-On Bra as an everyday bra to help with the recovery process!

You can read more about the benefits of Liberare's post-surgery bras here.


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Q3: When can I wear a bra after shoulder surgery?

Answer: It can vary depending on what type of surgery you have had but wait for your surgeon's approval. The use of slings or braces in the early recovery phase might make regular bras a bit tricky. Chat with your healthcare provider to figure out the best time to reintroduce bras into your routine.


Q4: How should I prepare for shoulder surgery at home?

Answer: Before a big surgery you should be getting your home ready for shoulder surgery. Check out these tips:

  • Set up a comfy recovery spot with lots of pillows for arm support.
  • Make sure essentials are within easy reach to avoid unnecessary strain.
  • Follow your surgeon's pre-op instructions, like fasting and adjusting medications as needed.
  • Find adaptive tools that will help ease the recovery process, researching about post surgery bras is the first step!

To conclude, a post-recovery bra isn't just clothing; it's a vital companion during the healing process after surgery. It provides the much needed support, reduces strain on the surgical area, and brings optimal comfort.

Choosing a well-designed, popular post-recovery bra is an investment in both physical support and overall well-being during the healing phase. It's a practical consideration that contributes to a smoother and more comfortable recovery experience after surgery. Remember, always consult your doctor or surgeon. 

Below are direct links to Liberare's post-surgery bras


The Everyday Easy-On Bra 

Introducing a user-friendly fastener designed for those dealing with shoulder injuries, accommodating up to a G Cup size. Its magnetic closure ensures an easy and smooth fastening experience, with the added benefit of supporting up to 90lbs. Plus, the front-closure design eliminates the risk of overstretching and causing further discomfort.

Shop the Everyday Easy-On Bra $64.00



adaptive bra

The Liberare Bra

Like the Everyday Easy-On Bra, this equivalent fastener features a magnetic closure that effortlessly aligns with minimal effort. We strongly recommend this bra for those in the process of recovering from shoulder surgery, thanks to its molded cups and racer back that offer crucial support

adaptive bra

The Wrap Bralette

This adaptable front clip is tailored to your needs, providing four adjustable settings that securely click into place for your ultimate comfort. It's ideal for those first few days when you experience heightened pain, offering a 100% cotton, unbelievably comfortable wear.