The Best Bra for a Shoulder Injury: A 55-Year-Old’s Experience

My name is Susan. I'm 55 years old, a size 38D, and unexpectedly had a fall and tore my rotator cuff. Today, I'd like to talk about bras made for women with shoulder injuries. I have a recommendation that I'll share later in this blog—the Everyday Easy-On Bra—but first, let me walk you what I learned and needed after my injury left me searching for an easier bra. 

I started searching for this bra when I was getting frustrated I couldn't lift my shoulder or twist without being in pain. Who knew that a bra would be so difficult? Something I've done nearly everyday for my whole life was now almost impossible.

In my quest, I looked for front-closure bras, but everything I found needed hooks. Plus, yanking the bra to hook the fiddly things together added pressure to my shoulder, and I couldn't do it with one hand. I couldn't do pull-over bras either due to my shoulder injury.

My Requirements for a 5-Star Bra

  1. Wireless: I cannot have any pinching under my bust as I bruise easily.
  2. Built for D+: I can tell if a bra is really built for a D based on the stitching. The T-seam in a wireless bra holds up well and offers great support.
  3. Easy-On: I cannot do hooks on my bras and needed an easy-on front-closure.

Now, here is my honest, unbiased review of the Everyday Easy-On Bra. The name says it all—this is a bra I wear daily, and it’s incredibly easy to put on. I needed a front-closure bra, and this one turned out to be the most logical and easiest option for me.

It arrived with free shipping in about four days, nicely wrapped, and with a very nice instruction card on how to use it.


Recommendation: Everyday Easy-On Bra (bands 34-44 B-G)

Best support bra for shoulder injuries

best bra for shoulder injuries

SHOP NOW: Everyday Easy-On Bra, Liberare - $64.00



The fasteners are what sold me on the Everyday Easy-On Bra. They are magnetic and glide together effortlessly, doing all the work for me. I didn't need to pinch or hook anything, which was such a relief! 

I simply slide my arm through and did it up like a coat or jacket. I didn't have to pull the bra shut for long as the fasteners came together to so quickly and easily. The fasteners come together and lock securely. It's reassuring to know this bra will last me a long time, especially if I need surgery.

The bra is designed to be wireless, featuring a beautifully done T-seam that still provides the support my D breasts need. I wear this every day without a doubt.

It also has slightly larger straps to support my shoulders and front adjuster so I didn't need to reach behind to get the perfect fit. 

I wore this bra for four days straight—no wear and tear. It stayed put all day, was very comfortable, and kept me lifted and supported.

It's important to note that this is not a wired bra, so it won't lift you like a wired bra does. It still provides gentle support, though, which is the best you can do with a wireless bra.