The Bra I Needed For My Shoulder Injury


As a 45-year-old woman dealing with a shoulder injury, finding the right bra has become a crucial part of my daily routine. Here's my experience with a variety of front-closure options. 

Shopping only with my shoulder injury in mind, I opted for the Fruit of the Loom Front Close Builtup Sports Bra, hoping its front closure would alleviate strain. At $23.00 for a set of three, it seemed like a practical choice. While the cotton fabric provided comfort, the lack of support left much to be desired. Maneuvering and reaching the front hooks proved to be a challenge, especially with limited shoulder mobility. Not ideal for those seeking substantial support or dealing with shoulder injuries, so this was a no go. On to the next! ❌

Next, I tried the Silverts Front Snap Closure Bra, drawn to its wireless design and convenient snap buttons. Despite its initial comfort, the snap closures failed to hold up well, (Im a 38D) leading to unexpected discomfort and readjustments. I was so keen to find a bra that was supportive everywhere and didnt dig into my shoulders with my injury. 

The Bali Comfort Revolution Bra caught my attention with its magnet closure system, offering a promising solution to my shoulder concerns. No more lifting my arm above my head or straining to hook the bra into place. Though the magnets provided a seamless closure, the bra fell short in terms of support. However, the front-adjusting straps were a welcomed feature, allowing for easy customization without exacerbating my shoulder injury. 

After what felt like weeks of discomfort. My OT recommended a bra company I had never heard of Liberare.They have a bra called Everyday Easy-On Bra, tailored for individuals like me facing mobility challenges. With its sensory-friendly fabric and five magnetic closures, it offered both comfort and security. It was so easy to use!

Putting it on and taking it off was a relief for my injured shoulder, and the interlocking magnets ensured a snug fit without causing discomfort. A clear winner for anyone navigating shoulder injuries or mobility issues. Very thankful to my OT for recommending it to me and had to pass it on to the next. If you're struggling with a shoulder injury give it a go! ✅ 


Everyday Easy-On Bra - $64.00