The Bras that Eased My Shoulder Recovery with Liberare

"My name is Julie, and at 65 years old, life took an unexpected turn when a simple stumble in the garden led to a torn rotator cuff. The road to recovery involved shoulder surgery, a process that demanded patience and adaptation. Apart from the pain and adaption to doing day-to-day things with one arm, I found that one of the challenges I faced during this time was finding a bra that was easy to get on but without causing additional strain on my healing shoulder.


front closure bra for shoulder recovery


Being a 34D and having had arthritis in my fingers before my accident, I had always struggled with putting on bras, but the added complication of a rotator cuff tear made the search for the perfect bra even more crucial. The prospect of lifting my arm over my head was out of the question, ruling out many options. I knew I wanted something soft for the recovery process, so I was looking at bralettes, but the ones I found online meant having to put them over my head which was out of the question. So I went looking for front-closure bras for shoulder surgery.

That's when I stumbled upon Liberare and their front closure adaptive bras with a magnetic fastener. The concept immediately caught my attention - a pain-free front closure was exactly what I needed. Little did I know that these bras would not only support my recovery but also provide unexpected relief for my arthritis."

Front closure bralette for shoulder recovery

"I opted for the Wrap Bralette from Liberare, a wireless wonder made from 100% cotton. The comfort it provided during the initial weeks of my recovery was unparalleled. The ease with which I could put it on without overstretching my shoulder made those early days much more manageable and pain-free."

"But Liberare had more to offer. The Everyday Easy On Bra soon became a staple for outings and day-to-day activities. This wireless bra, complete with seam support, not only gave me the lift I needed but also featured fasteners that simply glided together. The front closure was a game-changer, allowing me to slip my arm through effortlessly and pain-free. I still wear these bras, even after my shoulder surgery recovery. They were great and easy to get on when I could barely move my arm but not just that, they're comfortable and make more sense than the standard bra."

Front closure bra for shoulder surgery

"What surprised me the most was how these bras, designed for post-op recovery, inadvertently became a solution for my long-standing issue with arthritis. The magnetic fasteners meant no more struggling with pinching, making the process of getting dressed a breeze.

To anyone facing a similar situation, I highly recommend exploring a front-closure bra for shoulder recovery. They are more than just garments; they are a source of support, comfort, and ease during the healing process and beyond."

- Julie 34D