The Easy-On Solution for Arthritic Fingers: Liberare's Everyday Adaptive Bra


Bras for arthritic fingers


Arthritis can make even the simplest daily tasks, like putting on a bra, feel like a daunting challenge. With arthritic fingers, traditional bra fasteners and straps hard to manage. But thanks to innovative solutions like Liberare's Everyday Easy-On Bra, struggling with bra clasps and straps can be a thing of the past. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through how this adaptive bra can transform your daily routine, making life easier and more comfortable.

How Adaptive Bras Work 

Step 1: Thread Your Arms Through the Bra Straps:

The Everyday Easy-On Bra from Liberare is designed to be worn just like a jacket or a coat. This approach makes sense because we're accustomed to putting on our outerwear this way. Start by threading your arms through the bra straps, just as you would when slipping into a vest. This initial step sets the foundation for a hassle-free experience, providing a comfortable and familiar starting point.


bra for arthritic fingers

Step 2: Fastening the Easy-On Front Closure

Liberare's innovative design includes a front closure system that's incredibly user-friendly. The fasteners used in this bra have a slight magnetization, ensuring they effortlessly glide together. Simply align the snaps on the fastener and watch them lock into place with their magnetized pull. 

What's more, for those with limited finger function who struggle with gripping and hooking, Liberare has thoughtfully added assistive dressing loops. These loops are ingenious and optional, making this adaptive bra suitable for a wide range of individuals.

Some additional features that aid in this step:

  • Back Adjuster: Liberare's Everyday Easy-On Bra features a back adjuster, allowing you to customize the band fit before you put it on. This means you can achieve a perfect fit effortlessly.
  • Front Adjustable Bra Straps: No more reaching behind your back to adjust the straps. This bra has front-adjustable straps, giving you full control over your comfort.


bra for arthritic fingers

Step 3: Enjoy All-Day Comfort

Once you've effortlessly fastened your Liberare bra, you can enjoy comfort throughout the day. This bra is designed with super soft microfiber and is completely wire-free, ensuring an unbelievably comfortable fit while still getting the support you need. Arthritic fingers won't be bothered by uncomfortable wires or rough materials. The Everyday Easy-On Bra is crafted for long-lasting comfort.

Step 4: Taking It Off

When it's time to remove your bra, you'll be delighted to find that the fasteners are designed for easy removal. Simply pull the fasteners at the right angle, and they will release without any fuss. These fasteners are secure during the day, but they are also intuitive and designed to come off effortlessly when needed.


bra for arthritic fingers


Arthritis may present challenges in your daily life, but it shouldn't stand in the way of your comfort and confidence. Thanks to innovative solutions like the Everyday Easy-On Bra from Liberare, you can reclaim the independence and comfort you deserve. This adaptive bra simplifies the process of putting on and taking off a bra, allowing you to enjoy the freedom and ease you may have thought were lost. Say goodbye to the struggles of traditional bras and embrace the simplicity and comfort offered by Liberare's Everyday Easy-On Bra.