Top 3 Bras for Older Women: Approved by an Occupational Therapist

As women get older, finding the right bra can become increasingly important, yet, challenging. Older women often seek bras that provide comfort, support, and ease of use, especially those who may have mobility issues or other health concerns. To help navigate this, we've consulted with an occupational therapist to bring you the top three bras that cater specifically to the needs of older women.

1. The Everyday Bra

Why It’s Great:
An 'Everyday Bra' should be designed with soft, breathable fabrics that minimize irritation and maximize comfort. This bra would feature wide, cushioned straps to reduce shoulder strain and avoid digging into the skin, making it an excellent choice for everyday wear. Comfort shouldn't just be in how we feel wearing the bra but how comfortable it its to put on, wear all day and take off. 

Key Features:

  • Front Closure: Easy to put on and take off, this is especially beneficial for those with limited shoulder mobility.
  • Easy-On Fasteners: No more fiddly hooks, we recommend bras with fasteners such as magnets that come together and apart easily.
  • Adjustable Straps: This allows for a customized fit to accommodate changes in body shape and size.
  • Grip Loops: A small yet brilliant design idea that allows those with limited finger function or limited hand dexterity such as arthritis to get dressed independently and limit the need for painful pinching. 

OT’s Opinion:

"The Everday Bra’s front closure could be particularly beneficial for older women who may have arthritis or other conditions that limit their range of motion. Its wide straps distribute weight evenly, reducing discomfort and its easy-on function is great for those who have decreased dexterity (arthritic fingers) hyper mobility or finger subluxations. A great option that I recommend to my clients is the Everyday Easy-On Bra, it is a front-closure easy on bra"

 See how it works here:


2. The Comfort Bra

Why It’s Great:

The Comfort Bra offers enhanced support without sacrificing comfort. It's designed to be worn on days you have a lot of pain and want to wear a wireless, soft comfortable bra. This bra can be especially important for women who have experienced changes in breast tissue density and elasticity over time. 

Key Features:

  • Wireless: To ensure unparreled comfort, the best comfort bras have an inner lining that still offers a support and lift. This takes pressure off your back.

  • Adjustable Band: Provides additional comfort but adapting to your bodies needs.

  • Moisture-Wicking Fabric: Keeps the skin dry and comfortable, which is particularly beneficial for women experiencing hot flashes.

OT’s Opinion:

"The Comfort Bra is ideal for women who need extra comfort and support on the days where pain might be elevated. An adjustable band is a must to ensure a perfect, relaxed fit as well as a soft fabric that is sensory friendly."

OT Recommended: The Wrap Bralette


3. The Leisure Bra

Why It’s Great:

Designed for maximum comfort during relaxation and sleep, the Leisure Bra is perfect for women who want gentle support without any constriction. It’s lightweight and non-restrictive, making it a favorite for lounging at home or overnight wear.

Key Features:

  • No Underwire: Provides a relaxed fit without the pressure of an underwire.
  • Soft, Stretchy Fabric: Adapts to the body's natural shape and movements.
  • Racerback: Takes pressure off the shoulders and supports the your back. 


OT’s Opinion:

"The Leisure Bra is excellent for nighttime wear or days spent at home. A front closure design means that dressing is easy plus its wire-free with moulded cups so that it shapes to your body perfectly. Designed with a racerback to support and relieve pressure off shoulders/back and the soft fabric ensures there’s no irritation or pressure on sensitive areas."

OT Recommended: The Liberare Bra

Choosing the right bra can significantly impact comfort, support, and overall well-being for older women. These three bras, endorsed by an occupational therapist, offer practical solutions for everyday needs. Whether you need a bra for daily wear, additional support, or relaxation, there’s an option tailored to meet your requirements. Investing in the right bra can make a world of difference, enhancing not just physical comfort but also confidence and quality of life. Try one of these top-rated options and experience the benefits for yourself.