Top Bras for Post-Shoulder Surgery



Guide to Choosing Bras After Shoulder Surgery

From the pre-op appointments to the nerves on the day of the procedure, shoulder surgery can be daunting. Yet, it is often the post-op healing period that proves to be most challenging due to pain, restricted mobility, and resting to let your body heal. 

Being mentally and physically prepared is half the battle. This includes knowing in advance which bras are suitable after shoulder surgery. So that's why we've crafted this guide to help you navigate the best bras for post-shoulder surgery recovery. So, let's delve into whether bralettes or traditional bras, and underwire or wire-free options are the right choices for you. 

Why Special Bras are Necessary After Shoulder Surgery

Bras are commonly referred to as "over the shoulder boulder holders" for a reason. Unless it's a strapless bra, the weight of your breasts is partially borne by your shoulders. In the immediate post-op phase, this weight can feel overwhelming, potentially hindering the healing process and causing discomfort.

Surgeons often advise patients to bring a loosely-fitted, front-clasping bra to wear home from the hospital. It's crucial that the bra's straps do not rub against any stitches or wounds, as this can impede healing and cause further pain. Moreover, wearing a sling complicates the process of putting on a bra, necessitating one that is easy to don and remove.

Key Considerations for Selecting Bras After Shoulder Surgery

  • Fit: In the very early days, opt for a looser fit to alleviate pressure on your shoulders and prevent discomfort. Consider going up a band size or two and loosening the straps to minimize strain on your healing shoulder.

  • Material: Choose bras made from sustainable fabrics like organic cotton. You should look for breathable, exceptionally soft, and antibacterial materials that facilitates comfort and prevents infections.

  • Ease of Putting On: Given limited mobility post-surgery, select bras that are easy to don and remove with one arm. Front closure bras or slip-on styles are particularly convenient options.


Styles of Bras Suitable for Post-Shoulder Surgery

  • Racerback Bralette: Pros: Provides good support and comfort, with the cross-body back design relieving shoulder pressure. Cons: Putting it on over your head may be challenging unless you size up.

  • Triangle Bralette: Pros: Convertible straps allow for adjusting the load on your recovering shoulder, with soft cups and straps for added comfort. Cons: Clasps at the back may be difficult to reach.

  • Strapless Bra: Pros: Eliminates shoulder pressure. Cons: Challenging to put on and prone to sliding down.

  • Front Clasp Bra: Pros: Easy to don and remove. Cons: Limited options without underwire or thick straps. 

  • Camis with Built-In Bras: Pros: Offers minimal shoulder pressure. Cons: Less supportive and breathable, potentially uncomfortable for larger busts.

  • Going Braless: Pros: Completely relieves shoulder pressure and allows for breathability. Cons: Lacks support and may lead to discomfort from underboob sweat.


Additional Tips for Post-Shoulder Surgery Comfort

  • Don't hesitate to ask for and accept help from loved ones.

  • Adjust your sleep setup to maximize comfort, considering a recliner or propping yourself up with pillows in bed.

  • Adhere to your doctor's recommendations regarding sling use and physical therapy to ensure a smooth recovery process.

Our Top Choices For Pre And Post Op:

The Everyday Easy-On Bra 

Introducing a user-friendly fastener designed for those dealing with shoulder injuries, accommodating up to a G Cup size. Its magnetic closure ensures an easy and smooth fastening experience, with the added benefit of supporting up to 90lbs. Plus, the front-closure design eliminates the risk of overstretching and causing further discomfort.

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adaptive bra

The Wrap Bralette

This adaptable front clip is tailored to your needs, providing four adjustable settings that securely click into place for your ultimate comfort. It's ideal for those days when you experience heightened pain, offering a 100% cotton, unbelievably comfortable wear.






The best bra after shoulder surgery prioritizes your comfort and healing. Opt for breathable materials, a loose fit, and styles that avoid pressure on your recovering shoulder and incision site. Remember to take care of yourself during this recovery period, and don't hesitate to seek out comfort wherever you can find it. And hey, whether it's chocolate milk or another indulgence, treat yourself—you've earned it!