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What is a Front Closure, and Why Is It One of the Top Picks for Bras for Seniors?

As we get older, our bodies change, and we can develop pain in our joints, making activities like dressing more difficult. However, one thing that doesn’t change is the need for the support and comfort of a bra.

We are firm believers that the traditional design of the bra is outdated, and a front closure is the way forward. If we zip or button our coats, jackets, cardigans, and in the front, we should do the same with our bras.

So, What is a Front-Closure Bra?

With a front-closure bra, gently slip both arms through the straps (like you would with a vest) and fasten it at the front. This way of dressing is more comfortable and pain-free. There is no overstretching, overreaching, or struggling to put your bra on. It is a very easy, straightforward approach to dressing. That is why front-fastening bras for the elderly are the top picks for pain-free dressing.

bras for seniors

There Are Many Front-Closure Bra Options on the Market. Which One Is the Best for Me?

Whether you’re buying a front-closure bra for your senior mom or yourself, there are still some factors to look out for in a front-closure bra.

If you’re looking for an easy-on and pain-free option that requires no pinching, here’s what to look out for:

  • Avoid hook & eyes:
    These are found on most bra, but not to worry. There are still many other options available. Hook & eyes can be fiddly and painful for anyone, let alone those with arthritis or limited hand function.
    avoid hooks
    There is a wonderful front-closure bra for seniors on the market by Liberare called the Everyday Easy-On Bra. They have designed a fastener that does all the work! It uses magnets that glide together and interlock. This means no pinching or tugging bras. Here’s how it works.

    front closure bra for seniors
  • Wireless:
    Support and comfort are needed when wearing a bra for hours. Not only that, when looking for a wireless bra, you want material that is soft and sensory-friendly.

  • Assistive Grip Loops:
    This is an innovative idea that has come about through Liberare. (We think it should be standard on all bras.) Grip loops are completely optional but essential for those with arthritis or limited hand function. Simply slide a finger through, and the magnetic fasteners do all the work.

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There are options on the market for front-closure bras for seniors that offer the following. We highly recommend Liberare; they have done extensive research into the needs of the older market and have ticked all the boxes when it comes to an easy-on, pain-free, front-closure bra. They have many options on their site. If you’re looking for a front-closure bralette made from 100% cotton, we highly recommend the Wrap Bralette. However, if you are looking for an everyday bra that is easy to put on and offers comfort all day, our top choice is the Everyday Easy-On Bra.

Here are some reviews from certified customers:

Best Wirefree Front Closure Bra I've Found

This is wonderful. As a 34DD I have been looking for something that will help with my arthritis in my hands. Great support and lift without wires. Very easy to put on for me which was exactly what I was looking for.

Worked Great For My Mom

I pre-ordered this for my mom who suffers with Ulnar drift in her hands due to RA. Her joints are so swollen that she cant use most bras with hooks even when in the front so I took a leap of faith on this bra because of the magnets. The bra fits her well and the loops and magnetic front are really helpful for her. Hope you guys will consider releasing more colors soon too so I can give her some more options.

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