Why You Need To Change Your Bra When You Get Older

As we grow older, our bodies change in various ways, and it's important to adapt to these shifts, even in our wardrobe choices. One often overlooked aspect?

Our bras. 

Here's why it's crucial to refresh your bra collection as you age:

  • Body Changes: As women journey through life, our bodies undergo changes that can significantly impact how bras fit and support us.

    From fluctuations in weight due to hormonal shifts during menopause, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or simply the natural aging process, the bras that once served us well may no longer offer the same comfort and support as before.

  • Support Matters: Aging often brings a heightened awareness of posture and the need for good support. Ill-fitting bras can worsen posture and lead to discomfort or pain in the back, shoulders, and neck. Upgrading to bras offering proper support can help maintain better posture and ease strain.

  • Skin Sensitivity: Aging skin can become more sensitive, especially around the chest area. Worn-out bras with rough seams or irritating fabrics can cause chafing, itching, or rashes.

    Opting for softer, breathable materials can prevent skin irritation and ensure comfort. Wireless is key when it comes to comfort, there are bras out there that provide comfort and support. 

  • Lifestyle Adjustments: Our lifestyles and activities may change. Whether you're retiring, starting a new fitness routine, or pursuing different hobbies, your bra needs may shift accordingly. Its important to have an everyday bra that offers you support and is comfortable to wear everyday. 

  • Aging factors: As we age, factors such as arthritis or the general aging process may come into play. This can result in shoulder pain or limited hand function. The hooks on everyday bras can start to become fiddly, and reaching behind to put them on can become painful. Opting for a front closure bra will help you out massively in the long run.
We've put together a selection of bras for older women that are supportive, comfortable to wear everyday and most importantly are easy to get on. 


So, if it's been a while since you refreshed your bra collection, now's a good time to reassess. Treat yourself to a fitting and invest in bras that suit your current needs and lifestyle. Your body will appreciate it, and you'll feel more comfortable and confident as you embrace the beauty of aging gracefully!