4 Best Front-Closure Bra For Seniors

As we get older, our bodies undergo various changes, and simple tasks like putting on a bra can become more challenging. That's where front-closure bras come to the rescue, offering seniors unparalleled comfort, convenience, and confidence.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into everything you need to know about front closure bras for seniors, from their benefits to how to choose the perfect one for you.


What is a Front-Closure Bra?

A front-closure bra is simply a bra that has its closure moved from the back to the front. Lalitha Bhowani-McSorley, PT, Lead Physiotherapist at Brentwood Physiotherapy Calgary, explains that this design is particularly beneficial for women with limited mobility or those who find it challenging to reach their back without assistance.

The beauty of front-closure bras lies in their various closure options – from hook-and-loops, zippers, velcro, and snaps, to a single clasp. This range allows for easy and hassle-free dressing, eliminating the need to pull the bra over the arms or strain to fasten it at the back.


front closure bra for seniorsEveryday Easy-on bra by Liberare $64.00

Key Considerations for Front-Closure Bras:

When embarking on the quest for the perfect front-closure bra, several crucial factors come into play.

1. Fit and Support: As recommended by McSorely, it's essential to ensure that the chosen bra provides ample support for your breasts without putting unnecessary strain on your shoulders. Finding a balance between comfort and support is crucial to enhance your overall well-being.

2. Comfortable Torso Fit: The ideal front-closure bra should not only support your breasts but also offer a comfortable fit around your torso. This consideration is particularly significant for individuals with limited mobility or those seeking an all-day wearable solution. Some front-closure bras offer an adjustable band which allows a perfect fit every time. 

3. Quality Matters: Opt for bras from reputable companies or stores that allow you to try, exchange, or return them if they don't meet your specific fit and comfort requirements.


Top Picks for Front-Closure Bras:


Best Overall Bra: Liberare Everyday Easy-On Bra

We've picked the Liberare Everyday Easy-On Bra as the best overall because of how they benefit seniors. 

  1. Innovative Magnetic Front-Closure: The Liberare Everyday Easy-On Bra stands out with its revolutionary magnetic front-closure feature. This design eliminates the hassle of struggling with traditional clasps.

    Taking off and putting on a bra can be challenging, especially for those with limited hand function, such as arthritis sufferers. Dealing with traditional hooks can be painful and tricky. Liberare's magnetic closure makes the process pain-free and easy, ensuring a hassle-free experience when putting on your bra.

    front closure bra for seniors Everyday Easy-on bra by Liberare $64.00

  2. Optional Grip Loops for Arthritis Support: Liberare has gone a step further by introducing optional grip loops. These loops offer additional support and ease for those with arthritis, allowing them to effortlessly secure the bra without exerting excessive pressure on their hands. It's a thoughtful addition that enhances accessibility and comfort for users with arthritis.

  3. Wireless Sensory-Friendly Fabric: The Liberare Everyday Easy-On Bra is crafted with wireless, sensory-friendly fabric, prioritizing comfort without compromising on support. This choice of material ensures a gentle touch against the skin, reducing irritation and providing a pleasant wearing experience. Seniors can now enjoy the freedom of movement without the discomfort caused by underwires.

  4. Adjustable Band for the Perfect Fit: With the importance of a customized fit, the Everyday Easy-On Bra features an adjustable band. Seniors can simply tailor the bra to ensure the perfect fit every time. The adjustable band not only accommodates varying body shapes but also allows for flexibility as needs change over time.

    Everyday Easy-on bra by Liberare $64.00