5 Best Gifts for Women with Arthritis (2023)

5 Best Gifts for Women with <span class=Arthritis" src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0623/6690/8669/files/10_Best_Front_Closure_Bras_for_Elderly_Women_11_1024x1024.jpg?v=1698247515">

Arthritis, a prevalent condition that inflicts pain, stiffness, and joint swelling, can significantly hinder daily activities and mobility. If you have a loved one with arthritis, you may be seeking gift ideas to help ease pain and find comfortable pain solutions. Here are five considerate gifts tailored for women with arthritis:

1. Liberare's Everyday Easy-On Bra

Discovering a comfortable bra that is convenient to put on can present a considerable challenge for women dealing with hand and finger arthritis. Liberare has recently introduced their innovative Everyday Easy-On Bra with a front-closure design, specifically tailored to address the needs of women with arthritis. This meticulously developed bra reflects years of thoughtful design, placing a strong emphasis on wire-free comfort and a hassle-free experience.

The ingenious fasteners effortlessly handle the task for you; simply glide the fasteners into place. The fasteners have a slight magnetisation which does all the work for you! They interlock leaving you secure all day.  Liberare has also included assistive grip loops into their design so that there is no need to pinch or grip the bra together, simply slide fingers through the loops and glide fasteners into place. It's really that easy! Along with the easy-on fasteners, wire-free comfort and assistive grip loops, this makes it an excellent choice for women with limited dexterity, alleviating the discomfort associated with regular bras. 


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2. JewelSplint Arthritis Finger Splints

JewelSplint presents an elegant solution for those seeking gentle support and stability for their arthritic finger joints. These orthotic devices are designed to be worn on the fingers, providing much-needed reinforcement to the affected joints. Crafted with exquisite detailing, JewelSplints are available in a range of designs, including silver, titanium, gold, and even adorned with decorative jewels. Conceived by an occupational therapist, these splints not only aid in reducing pain and inflammation but also safeguard fingers from further damage, allowing for continued functionality in daily activities.


Jewel Splint for women with arthritis

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3. Village Naturals Epsom Salt Joint Soak

Share the gift of serenity with Village Natural bath salts, carefully crafted to bring comfort to sore joints and muscles. Their specialized Epsom salt blends, designed for chronic pain relief, feature healing components such as Blueberry and Flaxseed Oil to nurture the skin, D-ribose to enhance skin flexibility, and essential oils that promote equilibrium while combating fatigue. A mere 15-minute soak has the potential to ease tension and invigorate both body and soul. This offering is especially beneficial for individuals grappling with conditions like Arthritis and Chronic Pain.

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4. Grace & Able Compression Gloves

Grace & Able's Arthritis Gloves, featuring gentle compression, offer effective support in minimizing inflammation and enhancing circulation within arthritic hand joints. This compression plays a pivotal role in alleviating stiffness and discomfort, thereby enhancing the ability to grasp objects and accomplish various tasks. Notably, these gloves maintain open fingertips, preserving dexterity without compromise. Crafted from breathable and flexible fabric, they ensure both comfort and freedom of movement.


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5. Heated Throw Blanket

A snug and comforting throw blanket can offer soothing relief for achy joints. Seek out a heated throw that offers multiple heat settings, allowing you to discover the ideal temperature for your comfort. Heat therapy works by promoting increased blood circulation and relaxing muscles, tendons, and ligaments, effectively alleviating the discomfort associated with arthritis. For an added layer of relaxation, consider a heated blanket crafted from ultra-soft sherpa or plush fleece material. Transform any chair into a revitalizing oasis!

Arthritis can present ongoing challenges, but the act of giving a considerate gift demonstrates your support and care. We trust that this gift guide has provided valuable ideas to enhance the ease and comfort of everyday tasks for the warriors battling arthritis in your life. The right gift can convey just how much you value their health and wellbeing. With a bit of extra assistance, individuals with arthritis can continue pursuing their passions and find joy in each day.


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