Best Adaptive Bra: My Honest Review 2024


best adaptive bra


Hey everyone! My name is Katie, and I was born with a limb difference. For years, I have always struggled with putting on bras. They were not designed to be easily put on with one hand!

I have spent many frustrated years getting dressed and trying to hold either side while I hook them in place. It wasn’t easy. I don’t have a big bust; I’m a 34B, and yet, I have still struggled to find adaptive bras that were easy to get on and looked nice.

There aren’t many easy adaptive bras on the market, and the only ones I could find didn’t offer support and still had those hooks! Super frustrating because I just can’t fasten them. Instead, I’ve opted for easier options like bralettes that can be put on over my head and worn comfortably all day. That was, of course, until I found Liberare.

It was actually my grandma who recommended Liberare to me. She had seen them on Facebook after searching for an easy-on arthritis bra. My grandma suffers from RA and has done so for years. Her fingers have become extremely painful and deformed, so she is looking for adaptive clothing options on the market that can help with things like tying her shoelaces and putting on a bra (funnily enough, all the things I struggle with!).

When she saw an adaptive bra, she sent it to me, suggesting that I try it out. I purchased all three styles to give them a try and see which one would work best. After all, I have been searching for years for something like this, so if it works, I’ll happily buy the lot!


Everyday Easy-On Bra

The Everyday Easy-on Bra was the first to try on, and I couldn’t believe it had magnets. It might seem strange to say, but they allowed these fasteners to somehow glide into place and interlock. I didn’t even have to try to fasten them; I simply guided them together, and they did it themselves! Now, this bra did say it was for bigger busts as it gives extra support.

Being a 34B, I had to get the smaller size, but it is wonderful, and it’s wireless, which is great for me as I love comfort. I actually gave this to my grandma to try on to see how she’d find it. It comes with a back adjuster too, which is great because she’s always saying how her bras dig into her ribcage. This one can be adjusted!

One thing that I love is that it comes with assistive grip loops, which means my grandma can slip her fingers through to adjust rather than pinch. Such a simple idea and yet unbelievably effective. This has my grandma's approval for an arthritis-friendly adaptive bra.

adaptive easy on bra


The Liberare Bra

Another bra I purchased was the Liberare Bra, designed with the same fasteners as above but with three instead of five. This is more for my size, and it fits like a dream. It has a molded cup, which is ever so slightly padded, making it the perfect T-shirt bra.

I purchased the size S, and it is perfect and easy to get on and off. Simply pull the fasteners away at an angle, and they come off with ease too. I was slightly skeptical; I have done the pull test and I'm shocked at how strong these magnets are.


easy on adaptive bra

The Wrap Bralette

Finally, I got the Wrap Bralette. I love bralettes, so I had high hopes for this one! This bra uses a different fastener; it’s not magnetic but clips in to fasten. Again, really easy, although not as easy as the other fasteners (I guess the magnets help it glide). It has an inner lining that gives you a lift, something that not all bralettes offer. Plus, it's lilac and really soft, making it a beautiful adaptive bra.

adaptive easy on bra

I can honestly say I have found an adaptive bra company that I love. I’ve been searching for something like this for so long, and I finally have found a company that creates functional and beautiful adaptive bras.

I also love that they are timeless. My grandma can wear these bras, and I can wear these bras; it gives me such confidence that these bras can adapt and help me at all stages of life. I can honestly say that I recommend this bra to anybody. Someone like me with a disability, who has a lot of chronic illnesses, would benefit so much from these bras, just as bras can be great for nursing. They can be great for post-surgery or injuries and, of course, arthritis.