5 Must-Have Products for Caregivers for the Eldery

As a caregiver, it's crucial to look out for both your well-being and the person you're taking care of. Thats why its crucial to have products that are adapted to caregiving and make jobs easier.

Taking care of someone is a job that needs commitment, kindness, and a lot of physical work. Products like adaptive clothes that can be put on whilst sitting down or even medication management tools can help make life easier.

We've put together our must-have products if you're a caregiver to make things a little easier. 


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Liberare's Everyday Easy-On Bra

In caregiving, wearing something comfortable is crucial, and that includes how you put it on too. Liberare's Everyday Easy-on Bra is specially designed for caregivers, providing an easy-on-dressing experience for everyone. The bra has a thoughtful design, featuring a front closure, which removes the hassle of reaching around or dealing with tricky back closures.


Designed without fiddly hooks as well, the magnetic fasteners simply glide together completely simplifying the process of dressing and undressing. 

It has also been designed from soft, breathable materials, the Everyday Easy-on Bra prioritizes comfort by using sensory-friendly fabric whilst also having a wireless built-in seam with still provides the necessary support. It's a perfect choice for a carer as it's a comfortable bra for everyday use that has no restrictions.

The bra's versatility makes it suitable for every day when assisting with personal care tasks. We also love that it comes with a back adjuster. So even with weight fluctuations you're guaranteed a perfect fit every time.

It also has assistive grip loops meaning that it is designed for those with limited hand mobility and function. 

Liberare's Everyday Easy-On Bra - $64.00


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caregiver products

Took Take Pill Medication Sticker

Keeping track of when pills need to be taken can be tricky. You can also go through so much time and packaging arranging pills into organisers. That's where TookTake comes in handy! Consider attaching a TookTake reminder sticker to your pill bottle. It's a simple yet effective way to ensure you remember to take medications on time, preventing any missed doses or accidental double dosing.

It's also helpful to have a medication storage bag, just in case there are impromptu hospital trips, it's good to stay organised, with TookTake this makes everything easier to have everything in one place. 

DAILY Reminder Labels - $4.99 

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Relish Day Hub™ - Reminder Clock with Task Alerts

The Relish Day Hub™ - Reminder Clock with Task Alerts is a great caregiving tool that caters to the specific needs of individuals dealing with dementia. This simplified clock comes with a personalized Task Manager, aiming to ease the anxiety associated with time awareness and completing essential daily tasks.

By offering clear and individualized reminders, the Relish Day Hub plays a crucial role in helping users maintain their independence at home for a longer duration. Its user-friendly design not only assists in creating a more organized daily routine but also supports the overall well-being and autonomy of those facing dementia, making it an excellent aid for caregivers looking to enhance the care they provide.

Relish Day Hub™ - Reminder Clock - $179.99


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Adaptive Boyleg Side Opening Panties 

Adaptive Boyleg side-opening panties have been designed with a convenient side opening, these panties make dressing and undressing hassle-free for individuals who spend a lot of time seated and are great for wheelchair users. What's more, these adaptive panties serve a dual purpose as incontinence period underwear, providing a discreet and reliable solution for caregivers managing various health needs. 

Boyleg Adaptive Panties - $29.00



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Smartwatch with Life Alert System

There's a variety of digital watches out there, but having one with a life alert feature brings peace of mind. It's a great reassurance, especially when you can't be with your loved ones all the time. If anything happens, this smartwatch ensures that first responders are quickly on the way to help your family member in need. Beyond the life alert, it includes handy features like a pill reminder, step counter, Smart Senior GPS Locator, and Geo Area functions. There's also a sedentary reminder and exercise pedometer for keeping track of family health. Plus, you can make calls with it – making it more than just a regular smartwatch, offering both convenience and comfort.

Smartwatch with Life Alert System - $99.00