5 Reasons to Choose the Right Bra After Shoulder Surgery

If you have a shoulder injury or are recovering from one, you'll already be struggling with daily tasks that were once simple but are now painful and challenging. Basic movements like lifting your arm above your head or reaching behind are now delicate tasks.

For women, the need to put on and wear a bra adds an additional layer of discomfort to their daily routine. That's why choosing the right bra if you have a shoulder injury or are recovering from post-shoulder surgery is vital in the healing process.  

Here are 5 Reasons to Choose the Right Bra After Shoulder Surgery

  1. Minimizing Strain on Limited Mobility:

    With restricted movement, lifting your arm or reaching behind becomes a slow and painful process. The right bra choice minimizes strain on the limited mobility and provides support without additional discomfort. We recommend choosing a front-closure bra.

  2. Front-Closure Convenience for Ease of Dressing:

    What is a front-closure bra? Rather than fastening a bra at the back and overstretching, you simply fasten it at the front. It is a vital design element for those with shoulder injuries navigating limited arm mobility. Dressing becomes an easier and less challenging task, eliminating the need for reaching behind to ensure a hassle-free experience during the healing process.

  3. Comfort to Aid Healing:

    A comfortable bra is not just about convenience; it plays a vital role in supporting the healing process. Soft materials and a well-fitted bra contribute to minimizing discomfort and irritation. You're already in pain, and we know how uncomfortable some bras can be. This is something we want to avoid. Choosing a wireless, distributed, comfortable bra made from soft materials will make a huge difference. 

  4. Adaptable Support for Every Stage:

    Recovery from shoulder issues often involves various stages with different levels of activity. The right bra, offering adaptable support, ensures comfort during periods of rest and provides the necessary reinforcement for light activities without risking further injury. Shoulder recovery bras often have front adjustable straps and an adjustable bad to ensure no overstretching and the perfect adaptable fit every time. 

  5. Preserving Dignity and Confidence:

    For women, going without a bra may not be a viable option, even during the healing process. Choosing the right bra give you confidence you can carry our normal day to day tasks without causing additional injury.


Introducing Liberare: #1 Shoulder Injury And Post-Shoulder Surgery Bra


Here is our top bra choice for shoulder recovery. Everything you need in one bra without the discomfort. Each of Liberare's post shoulder surgery bras have all the elements you need to ensure a comfortable and pain-free recovery.

  1. Front Closure: Liberare's bras are designed with their easy-on front closure. This means no overstretching or reaching behind. The fasteners have magnets that eliminate the need for pinching like you would with fiddly hooks on traditional bras. The magnetic fasteners come to together and interlock with ease.

  2. Wireless and Sensory Friendly: Wireless and crafted from the softest sensory-friendly materials, Liberare bras offer ultimate comfort. Our Wrap Bralette is exclusively made from 100% cotton, while our other bras are thoughtfully designed with soft materials to ensure nothing irritates or scratches you throughout the day.

  3. Adjustable straps: It has also been designed with front-adjusting straps-- theres no need to reach behind! There is also a back adjuster so you can adjust the band as our weight can fluctuate. Having the perfect fit is vital.  

  4. Cup Sizes B-G, Band Sizes 32-44: Unlike many front-closure bras that have limitations, our range accommodates a variety of cup sizes (B-G) and band sizes (32-44) to cater to the diverse needs of seniors.


adaptive bra

The Everyday Easy-On Bra

Presenting a user-friendly closure system tailored for individuals managing shoulder injuries, catering to sizes up to G Cup. The magnetic closure guarantees a seamless and effortless fastening experience, providing support for up to 90lbs. Additionally, the front-closure design mitigates the risk of overstretching, minimizing potential discomfort.



adaptive bra

The Liberare Bra

Similar to the Everyday Easy-On Bra, this comparable fastening system includes a magnetic closure that effortlessly aligns with minimal effort. We highly recommend this bra for individuals undergoing shoulder surgery recovery, owing to its molded cups and racer back, providing essential support during this period.

Shop the Liberare Bra $64.00



adaptive bra

The Wrap Bralette

This versatile front clip is customized to meet your preferences, offering four adjustable settings that securely click into place for your utmost comfort. It proves ideal for days when you may be experiencing heightened pain, providing an unbelievably comfortable wear with its 100% cotton construction.

Shop the Wrap Bralette $36.00




easy on bras for shoulder surgery

The Everyday Easy-On Bra #1 Best Selling Bra for Shoulder Injuries - $64.00